Managing Your Push Notifications for IOS is Not Such a Big Deal When You Know How

It really blows my mind how some people can make even the simplest of tasks sound like rocket science; and a good example is managing push notifications for IOS devices. Truthfully when most user discover how easy it really is to manage these annoying little “wake up” calls they normally feel a little ashamed at how much complaining they did prior to taking matters into their own hands. So before you end up bemoaning your interfering IOS device’s intrusions into your sleep and work hours, here is a quick guide to managing them:

Ios Push notification servicesQuick Guide to Managing or Turning Off push notifications for IOS

1.     A really quick way to enable or disable push notifications in any of your applications are to call “registerForRemoteNotificationTypes” or “unregisterForRemoteNotificationTypes”.

2.    Always remember that unlike Android devices, IOS only has one central connection that is basically kept “live” for “all” push notifications for all of your IOS apps.

3.    In order to turn off push notifications for IOS, is to go to Settings > Notifications settings and turn push notifications off

4.    Bear in mind that you will have to turn off all badges; sounds; banners and which apps will appear in your notification center.

5.    Do not just slide the notification center to off as then any push notifications for IOS will simply not appear in the notifications center

6.    Make sure that you actually shift all the options from banners to none; turn off lock screen; as well as sounds and preview options.

The above steps are the only way in which to ensure that all notifications are set to off; other than actually uninstalling and re-installing and app and then selecting “disable” or “no” when prompted for any push notifications for IOS.

If the sole reason you need to stop any push notifications is to save on battery life then the best way to find the culprit is to first see which app is sending the most notifications during a 24 hour period; for instance if you are receiving a push notification for facebook every 2-5 minutes then chances are that it may mean just disabling the notifications for this single app. However, if you are having serious battery life issues then it may be best to turn all of them off and rather take time each day to log in and see what activity you may have missed or set your notifications to send when you log in.


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