Push Notifications for BB Can Add to the Whole Staying Connected Era

Technology has truly advanced astronomically over recent years and one key addition is the introduction of the Smartphone; these clever little devices have genuinely become a focal point of our daily lives. How often do you hear someone confess that they would literally “die” without their phone? I am sure that it is more than a handful; and the simple reason for this is that our Smartphone has the ability to open the world of communication for us. Most arguably BlackBerry is the most used Smartphone; for casual users due to it affordability and user friendly abilities. 
Push notification for Blackberry

If you purchased your BlackBerry with the main driving force behind the decision being that you wanted to stay socially connected, then you made a very wise decision. Blackberry devices or BB as most call them are the “bee’s knees” when it comes to social activation; particularly with bbm as its main feature. BBM or BlackBerry Messenger is one of the apps on your phone that will help keep you in touch with what your friend and family are doing on a daily basis, while also having the ability to host several different social media sites such as Twitter; Instagram; Facebook etc.

So how do your BBs ensure that you do not miss a single important event that may be occurring? Simple it uses integrated push notifications for BB that alert you to absolutely everything that is going on around you. BBM updates or any other social network site update or activity will have your BB flashing lights, vibrating and pinging to let you know someone somewhere in your social circle has decided to share a moment of their lives! This may sound crazy, right; but in all honesty it is what we have learnt to thrive on!

Push Notifications for BlackBerry; the good bad and the ugly

•    Although most of us thrive on instantly knowing what everyone else is doing it has also lead to a whole new era of connectivity that takes the “personal” out of our relationships.
•    Knowing what is going on in a loved one or friends life is perfect as we can all rally around them and show our love and support, but equally so “cyber bullying” has reached new heights through these social mediums.
•     Young children are becoming “BlackBerry Orphans” due to parents being so engrossed in their phones that they cannot take the time to interact with their children.
•    BBM can serve as a power call to action tool

Considering all the good and bad it really is up to each person to decide on how much they will allow their lives to be run by their phones!


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