Push Notifications for BlackBerry Why You Need to Pay Attention to Them

Any BlackBerry user knows that as far as staying in touch socially, it is probably the easiest device to use and perfect for casual and business use. The main feature of any BlackBerry is its social connectivity via various networking sites such as BBM; WhatsApp; Twitter; Facebook; Instagram; and a whole list of growing social apps. And with this much social connectivity comes a lifestyle than can be completely dominated by your smart phone!
Push Notifications for BlackBerry

What do I mean?

Simple for every app that you have installed on your Blackberry it will have push notifications for BlackBerry devices imbedded in its main software and with this come phones that never sleep! While several people especially teenagers, may welcome this constant interruption of their otherwise mundane lives, business professionals may not. So what can you do about push notifications for BlackBerry services that seem to just continually have you and your phone on high alert?

Push Notifications for BlackBerry management

•    Thankfully all technology gives us an “opt” out method and BlackBerry is no different; you can choose to disable all push notifications on your BlackBerry or simply choose the main apps that are permitted to send you notifications and alerts.

•    If you download any app it will normally ask if you would like to receive push notifications; this is when you can primarily choose to select no or never for this app.

•    However, if in a moment of weakness you do opt in for push notifications to be sent by any app you downloaded onto your BlackBerry then there is a simple process whereby you can disable them:

1.    On the Home screen press the “Menu” button

2.    Highlight the application that is sending notifications

3.    Select the “Menu” key and a context menu should open

4.    Go to “Options” and then scroll to “Notifications”

5.    Uncheck the box next to the option that says “Receive Notification”

6.    Scroll down to “Save” which is at the bottom of the notifications page and enter

7.    Repeat the process for all applications that you do not want to receive push notifications for BlackBerry.

Although the above process gets the job done; it may take quite a while if you have several applications installed. Another easier way of getting a handle on your push notifications is to look at downloading an app that is designed to help you manage your push notifications for BlackBerry phones, which will not only simplify what your receive but also allow you to customize your push notifications.

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