Push Notifications for Mobile Devices That Get the Right Message Through

We all know that feeling of being overwhelmed with all our daily tasks; work and other demands and then still having “OCD” when it comes to trying to ignore our phones. If you are one of those people who needs your phone in your hand or pocket 24/7 then chances are you are a mobile device addict; and may be in need of some means of quieting it down a little.
push notification for mobile

The first and foremost way in which you can get your phone to be a little more on the quiet side is to take a look at setting on your push notifications for mobile devices; the worst part is that it not only applies to cell phones these days as even mini iPad and tablets have got us running around like chickens without a head!

So for your own sanity, take a few minutes to ignore those vibrating; flashing and beckoning beeps and look at how you can manage your push notifications that come through on your mobile devices in order to only get bothered by the really important messages.

On most phones you can simply:

1.    Click on the Menu button from the home screen

2.    Select Settings and then scroll to Push Notifications

3.    And finally check or uncheck the apps which you wish to receive push notifications for mobile devices.

If you have an iPhone then you will need to:

1.    Open Settings

2.    Tap on Notifications Centre and choose the app

3.    Set all you the banners and alerts to either on or off

4.    Slide the Show in Notification Centre to green for on or disable it

One common feature on all apps that you download is the ability to opt on download whether or not you want to have that app send push notifications for mobile devices; if you select yes then it will need a manual disable at a later stage. But the new age has also brought about software that you can safely download onto your mobile device that will make managing what types of push notifications are sent through to your mobile devices.

The benefit of these new software programs is that you can use them to actually customize push notifications for mobile devices to your advantage and have some fun playing around with interesting features at the same time. So don’t lose out on receiving important message just because you were forced to disable all of your apps push notifications.


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