Push Notifications for Windows That Are Controlled By the User

Let’s face it no one likes to receive messages that they have no idea where or how they agreed to actually joining the mailing list; but the truth is that most apps these days have built in push notifications that are meant to either remind you of a specific task; such as subscription renewals or if it’s a gaming app then it may notify you that your lives have been replenished for some or other online game. But the biggest culprits of sending copious amounts of push notifications are social media sites!
Push Notificatin for Windows

Why do they send push notifications for windows?

Notifications are meant to work as alerts to let you know that there has been activity on any app that has been downloaded onto your windows device. There are 3 main alerts or push notifications for windows that you may receive on a regular basis:

•    Social media alerts or notifications: Facebook; Twitter; Instagram; Snap chat etc. send push notifications that include alerts for friend request; posts; tagged photos and status updates from anyone connected to your social media site.
•    Financial Institutions will send notifications to let you know when anyone logs onto your banking profile or when any transactions go through you bank accounts.
•    Gaming alerts are normally push notifications for any updates connected to a specific online game.

If you look at the main push notifications for windows then it makes sense that if you are active in all three areas as mentioned above then chances are that you may be drowning in constant message coming through to your windows profile. The good news though is that there are several ways in which you can actually prevent these notifications from driving you crazy.

1.    You can go to each app that you have downloaded and find their settings menu and simply turn “push notification settings” to off.
2.    For social media or networking sites you can actually go one step further and choose what type of notifications you want to receive and have full control over what notifications are sent through.
3.    With financial institutions is makes sense to rather leave them as is for your own safety and security.
4.    Another option is to download a free app that actually allows you full control over all your apps with regards to push notifications for windows. What these apps do is give you the option to choose when, where and how you would like to receive any information from your app profiles.

Annoying notifications can become a past dilemma if you just use the tools at your disposal to take control over the situation.

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