Do you remember when you received your First Mobile Push Notification?

Chances are that you did not even know what a mobile push notification was when you received your first one. It is quite possible that it actually made you feel really important and may even have gotten you to agree to join some or other app membership or email list.Whatever it got you to do; our mobile devices are now constantly bombarded with these alerts and message asking or wanting us to respond in some or other way. While we may have originally been all excited about responding to any of these messages or seeing what was on offer, eventually we all get to the point where we simply ignore them.

Mobile Push Notification
In fact, most mobile users actually disable their app notifications and this may be fine for certain apps, but there are a few that we should pay attention to. For instance, a little while ago there was a social messaging site that sent out a request for all of their users to use the provided link to upgrade to the newer version. Those who read the notification and in fact did click on the link were able to continue using the app without any problem. However, those who ignored the message suddenly found that they could not access their messages or update their profiles and ended up having to re-register to use the app.

It is in instances such as this that one should take time to rather pay attention; similarly when there is an alert that warns users of a particular scam that is being sent via a social networking site, it will also give user steps in order to protect themselves against messages that contain viruses or are being used for “phishing” purposes.

These types of mobile push notification messages are important and unlike the latest scoop on who is in or out of a relationship or who has changed their profile pic from happy to sad; some alerts do have merit. Therefore, it is up to each mobile user to determine what they are going to pay attention to and what they would prefer to simply ignore. Change your phone or mobile settings to match your exact specifications and you will only receive alerts for apps that you know are important and part of your daily life. If you are a teenager, then chances are that you will have every single Twitter; Facebook and Instagram app set on high alert; if there is such a thing?


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