Easy Push Notifications that will Work on Any Device

Technical advances means that websites that we simply log onto via the internet for information can now track us and start sending easy push notifications. Many times the user unwittingly fills in an email or user name in order to gain the information they want and end up on a mailing list that constantly sends out messages.
Push Notifications
The following are examples of sites that use these means to send messages:

•    Any type of e-commerce site •    Social networking sites

•    Sites that want you to register in order to read their information

•    Online stores where you have purchased items

•    Browsers that request you to verify yourself

If you consider how easy it is for certain sites to get your personal details it becomes quite scary who else could also just as easily gain this information. Therefore, experts advise that you do not simply enter your email or personal details on request unless you have logged onto a secure server.

Naturally there are several social networking sites that will require a lot of our personal information in order to register and this is fine as it serves to protect you as a user. But if you are simply browsing the internet and then find that you are at the receiving end of an email frenzy from someone you have never met then the best option is to hit that “mark as spam” button and ignore them.

Another means of receiving easy push notifications is when you download a “free” app that request to change your home page or browser. These are extremely annoying as you will always be directed to their site when you open your browser and this can only be changed if you go into your browser settings. Similarly certain apps notifications can only be changed if you go into the app settings and disable them there. Experts do suggest that you rather disable notifications on download as it is easier to enable them later on than try to find that all elusive disable button. 

Notification set ups are found on most every device and are a standard feature on any smart phone and table. The main reason for this is due to the whole new mindset of “always needing to be connected”. So if you are not of the same mindset then disabling your notifications is one means of being the opposite of the norm.

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