What is Push Notification and how does it Impact your Daily Life

Those unexpected alerts or message that tell you your mobile device or a specific app needs to be upgraded; or a message that lets you know that someone has posted a new facebook status and then also informs you of every single person who comments on that one friends status are push notifications.
Push Notifications

Ok so now that you know “what is push notification” services, it makes it easier to understand how they can either positively or negatively affect our lives.  As a rule most devices already have push notification services set in place and they will all allow a certain amount and size of alert or message to be sent to registered user. How and when you receive or are able to manage your notification services depends entirely up to which OS and device you are using. For example:

•    Windows mobile user will have to register for certain push notifications
•    Apple users will get notifications and be able to manage them via their notification centre
•    While Blackberry users will already receive notifications without registering
•    Android users will have to register

So the basics are that in order to receive or disable notifications will depend on several different aspects. But on area that we will all agree on is that there does come a time where we are either annoyed by our own constant buzzing phones or someone else’s phone.

Let’s be very honest these notices are like blinking neon lights they all pretty when you first introduced to them and in awe of how mesmerizing they are; but one the novelty fades you just want them to stop! The same can be said for alerts that sounds for the 16th time in 2mins regarding that first friends post or status change. Now can you imagine trying to keep track of several different social media sites as well as bbm; mms; email etc? You could quite literally go insane; but at the same time if you are one of those people who want to be in touch with everything that is going on around you then chances are that the blinking lights and buzzing of your phone is what keeps you alert and happy.

There is probably an equal amount of people who are all for notifications and then there are those who simply cannot stand getting any type of useless alert. But all-in-all you can decide for yourself “what is push notifications to your as an individual.

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