What is the Apple Push Notification Service and how does it work?

APNs or Apple Push Notification Service is the service that was originally created and launched with Apple’s iOS 3.0 in 2009. The main aim of the service was to allow third parties or applications to be more specific to send notifications to various Apple mobile devices. These notifications include:

•    Badges
•    Sounds as well as
•    Custom text alert messages.
push Notification

As apples iOS was upgraded so all they introduced the “Notification Centre” which allowed much easier push notification for developers to use. Apple decided to include APN in order to try helping maintain better battery life in order to manage the background “pull notifications”. As a result Apple device user will get Badge notifications if a notification is received while the application is closed. Users will have to physically clear these notification badges themselves by reading it or simply closing it via their notification centre.

As a result when it comes to any type of Apple products user will be able to receive notifications that are set up as standard Apple Push Notification Service. These include notifications and alerts that are received from the devices calendar; contacts and mail servers.

The good thing is that with latest iOS8 there is a maximum size allowance for any notification payload which is set to two kilobytes; apple will automatically refuse any notification that is in excess of this limit and it is perfect for users who do have a large amount of apps running simultaneously.

With any type of service of this kind however, it is still up to each user to set their alerts and notification parameters when their either initially download an app or after they have downloaded it via the notification centre. Another means of managing any push notifications on your Apple device is to select each app individually and setting your notification; badges and alert setting that way.

Always remember though that while certain alerts or notifications may become a bit intrusive; they do serve an important purpose and particularly for banking and other apps that contain your personal information; so a good rule of thumb would be to leave these as they are and perhaps only adjust game and social networking apps. Sharing and being active on your apps may at first be ideal but if they become too intrusive it is also advantageous to set them lower.

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