Learning the Nitty-gritty of Push Notifications

Push notifications services, typically used in mobile marketing, are increasingly getting at the height of bloom, although delivering the picture-perfect push notification is not as easy as it may be seeming to you.  If you are a mobile marketer or product manager planning to get the basic lowdown with regards to the use of push notification services well then this blog will prove quite helpful to you.

What the Push Notification Service is all About?

Push Notification is a hottest trend that deliver instant message or notification to an intended person or party via mobile apps.  These special notifications turn up as alert type of message on the display screen of the individuals’ device.  It is however not a must for the individual to have the application in active status or open to receive the alert message from the app.  The highlight of mobile push notification service is that it is compatible with all the trendy operating systems: Windows, IOS, Android and so on.

Take note of the fact that push notifications services are even more than being simply a mobile messaging channel. With this trendy messaging system, users have the golden opportunity to get in touch with their target users if exercised the right way.

push notifications
How mobile apps basically use push notifications?

The premium use of utilizing push notifications is to further the product experience and enhance user engagement and profits.  In order to carry out this, push notifications need to put across the messages that users are avid to receive. In general, two types of push notifications are quite common among mobile users including transactional and engagement.

The use of transactional push notifications is made when users experience a need to put across the data to receive at a particular time. For example, travel applications should use transactional push notifications to put across a message about a flight update or gate revision, whilst apps based on fiscal services should exercise transactional push notifications to deliver a message with regards to a bank account update or a counterfeit charge alert.

It is worthy for the applications to deploy engagement push notification in order to put across information that encourages users to carry out main righteous activities such as buying, sharing on social media network, carrying out an on boarding event and so on.  If created the right way, such sort of push notifications work wonders in giving effect to long-run user maintenance, commitment and worth for a lifetime.  The salient feature to keep in mind is that every user is poles apart and so users should only receive engagement push notifications that are exclusively customized and germane to them.


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