Push Notifications at a Glance

Push notification is an up-and-coming communication technology that business persons from all walk of life utilize in form of applications to notify their target customers about upcoming events/programs more easily and efficiently. The bottom-line of this technology is that the recipients need not go through the hassle to open the application every time they receive the message. Likewise, a text message will create a sound and displays a pop-up on your screen. This is indeed a magic way for apps to interact with us in the background, whether it be a new offer released by a restaurant or just the iPad’s mail application beeping as a new message turns up in our inbox.

push notification
Apart from pushing messages to the screen, push notification is a great way for apps to display a number or ‘badge’ on the app’s icon. For instance, the Mail icon will exhibit the number 3 when the recipients receive four unread messages.

Push Notifications can also be displayed on the lock screen. They are also exhibited in the notification center, and with that said they can be opened just be swiping a finger from the top of the iPad downward toward the lowermost of the iPad.

A wide range of ways are out there to revise the settings of Push Notifications in the iPad section. These include getting ride of notifications all the way through, or just limit notifications to the red banner on the app’s icon.


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