Tips to Reset Push Notification Position for an iOS App

Today mobile push notification is the latest update in communication industry and is all the rage among businesses from different walks of lives. The system enables users to send notifications to users with app installed on their mobile devices.

At specific course of time, where an app replete with push capabilities put leveraging Apple’s Push Notification Services (APNS) to a halt. This can turn up for a few varied reasons. However there is no error that can fine tune this process and so from time to time, you will be inquisitive to reset the app back to working mode. That will add to a factory default state, in order to help the push notification system work again.

87 bulkpush

That will develop into factory default status and let the Push notification work again. Every first time an app is signed up, it will do the same for push notifications and make way for receiving push notifications for the application. This action never turns up further unless the app is uninstalled for a minimum of a day and then re-installed. You can replicate this lineament by just removing the app and then re-installing the app again once you have manually set the Date & Time a day ahead of the existing date. You have the chance to carry out this by:

  • Taping on the app and holding it until the the apps exhibit an X.
  • Tap the X to erase the dubious app from your device.
  • Turn the iOS device off all the way through
  • Turn the iOS device back on.
  • Explore the Settings app.
  • Tap on General.
  • Tap on Date & Time.
  • Relocate the date ahead a day or more.
  • Close the Date & Time Preferences.
  • Turn the device off all the way through again and turn it on again
  • Open the App store and redownload your app.
  • Open the App.
  • Give Response to the Push Notification dialog.
  • Set your Date and Time Back-to-back

Have fun.


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