How Push Notification is a Great way to Create Maximum Mobile Conversions?

Look all around and it is apparent to witness the mushrooming use of mobile devices by maximum worldwide people. This magic gadget, apart from ensuring instant communication serves multiple purposes for example, shopping, bill payment and just everything we can think of! With that said, website builders are engaged in creating mobile-friendly websites for the people aspiring for setting up their business online. They are engaged in creating responsive websites, optimizing landing pages for mobile devices, developing mobile-friendly content and much more. Despite this hassle, they cut a sorry figure in making adequate conversions from mobile.

According to a research conducted recently, maximum traffic that comes to e commerce sites is from mobile devices, although the conversion rates are relatively low. One important reason behind the phenomenon is that webmasters are creating stupendous desktop versions website and following that they start simply pasting all the things on different mobile interfaces. With that said, they do not get the right results. Although mobile marketing is in trend and there are a few useful ways to seamlessly proceed towards the marketing type such as Cross-device Targeting, Local Searches, Videos, Mobile Payments and Push Notifications which are to name a few. In this blog post, we however consider throwing light on push notifications.


Push Notifications

Push notification delivers specific notification messages to targeted customers (via a software app) irrespective of whether they have taken the subscriptions or not from the company. These notifications contain the messages about latest announcements, events, sales, coupons and a lot more despite the user is not actively using your app.

According to a research, it is evident that more than 50% of users have enabled push notification messaging on their mobile devices. This serves quite profitable when it comes to attracting maximum users. Depending on your business needs, you have the flexibility to send customized notifications to varied users after sorting them out into varied segments rather than sending the exact message to different customers. You again have the option to classify them depending on former and existing customers, how often they shop with you, where they live and other varied factors.

You again have the option to sending SMS to your targeted users. This type of customized messaging systems is more than a moderate smasher.


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