How Mobile Push Notifications will be in Future

When it comes to ensuring what will be the future of Push Notifications, it is, most possibly, the personalization. After all, it should be kept on the top priority to have your message to the point and relevant in order to grip the attention of the targeted users. While there is a range of ways to achieve the need, we give the view that any push notification should be judged against the following standards to resolve whether it should be sent:

  • Exact Message
  • Exact User
  • Exact Time

Exact Message:
You can utilize a collection of A/B testing and custom-made variables to resolve what the exact relevant message should be. A message gives a good impression while you are using names, and former items bought rather than “Summer sale on now”. A/B testing also keeps a great significance to test between varied messaging to ensure more action.

Exact User:
A tool namely Bulk Push’s Deep Partitioning feature enables you to send campaigns to a specific group of intended users. At Bulk Push, our partitioning engine offers a variety of ways to diversify your users into particular campaigns depending on personalized characteristics that you can specify or create from your users’ profound behavioral data.


Exact Time:
In order to make sure that you are sending the message in the nick of time to the intended user, you can again exercise A/B testing to gauge and resolve the most favorable day of the week or time of day to send the message. Coming up with the right time also involves using effective triggers to send notifications. An instance of this would be to send a message to a user that left an item in their cart or was simply browsing but never made an acquisition. A standard message with a reminder that the item still is available in the cart or offering a petty discount is most probable and all you need is to encourage a user to come back.

At BulkPush, we have a hard belief that the future of push notification is personalization. We guess push technology will play a momentous role in this strategy and with that said, we launched our smart push notifications to fit into our A/B testing platform. As a result, now you have the convenience to re-engage users and send smart notifications and at the same time, you can ensure that you have the right in app experience to go along with it.


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