Why cannot you pin faith on Facebook’s iOS push notifications?

Before descending into the details of why Facebook’s iOS push notifications are so fallible, it is a good idea to follow the sophistication of the technology behind how to convert from a revision in your time-line to an emblem in your mobile device.

While I am not active on Facebook, I often take it for granted that they must have a monumental structure running daemons perpetually ensuring all revisions and resolving which of those revisions are ‘get-up-and-go’, with reference to their varied accounts.  This is not a piece of cake!  We are giving reference to just million of revisions that take place every minute.

iOS push notifications

Push notification is a great way, which enables users to opt-in to well-timed updates from websites they appreciate and enable you to remarkably re-engage them with personalized and attractive content.

Browser Push Notifications are notifications that are typically sent by a website to the customer not having an app. Basically, these are hittable messages that any website can send to its intended users post their consent.

What are the pre-requirements to send a Browser Push Notification?

  1. A website or a mobile site wherein the user often visits and grants access to receive such messages.
  2. The user should essentially be using the following web browsers: Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari browser
  3. The ability to push notifications a UI or a service from somebody like Push Notifications on the Web.

 What are the prerequisites for the user to receive Browser Push Notifications?

  1. The user should have granted access to receive such notifications.
  2. The user should be using Chrome, Firefox, or Safari browser
  3. The user should be online.

There are just a few second-to-none things that you can follow for all push notifications whether they are  for iOS, or Android.


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