The Phenomenal Growing Usage of Smartphone and Iphone Devices and so our Expectations

We all have to accept it as a fact that mobile devices have become an indivisible part of our day-to-day life. And with this in mind, we cannot even dream them to be on the blink ever since it will be a miserable day! To be precise, we all want them to be in full working condition always. However, these days there is an over abundance of Smartphone and Iphone devices in the market, which typically do not have a powerful battery backup that can last for extensive time and yet we want them to work seamlessly. That means the more the mobile devices performs, (because of the vast range of apps we have, HD pictures, movies, songs etc.), the more are the odds for them to deliver a substandard performance. According to a reliable research conducted recently, more than 60% of the mobile device users go through certain types of issues with their device over the past 12 months.
Push Notification
The acceptable truth is that the number of mobile device users around the world is burgeoning progressively. Today there are virtually 7 billion + mobile users all over the world. As time passes, that number is expected to grow even more. And these days we have become too much reliant on our mobile devices and expect them to outperform for us.


It is evident to guess that performance issues are solely going to go from bad to worse. Why? In the wake of users’ too much dependence on mobile devices and their expectations from them, there is a mushrooming pressure to deal out increasing data both from servers to client devices and from those client devices back to the server to deliver a bang-up experience. However, as the amount of data production and consumption enhances, it affects performance.

So what is the solution?


The bottom-line to get at bang-up performing application is by way of data management. You might be taking it for granted that just having more bandwidth is the answer once and for all. The bottom-line is that more bandwidth is not a performance answer, particularly for mobile. There are a few salient things that you need to chew on – streamlining your data, which helps with latency and results into an application performing high.


Here at Bulk Push, we are data maven. We make sincere efforts to ensure that our customers can give their customers a high performing, trustworthy experience – on a web or a mobile app – irrespective of the number of users, how substandard the networks are and the quantity of data they have! If you go through any issues with regards to mobile Android push notification service, or if you would like to get load of more information about our real-time messaging solutions or Push Notification Android or ios technology, please visit our website



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