A Troubleshooting Guide for Android Push Notification

If you are going through some mobile app issues in your Android devices, this roadmap will help you very much end to end. It covers general troubleshooting steps.


Push Notification


You do not receive any notifications

In case you do not receive any Push Notification on your Android Device, it is recommendable to enable Google Play Services and see the wonders. If Google Play Services are enabled and the general troubleshooting steps failed to iron out the issue, it is recommendable to reset the app. To do this, just move to Settings → Apps → PagerDuty and tap Clear Data.


In case you go through postponed notifications on Android 6.0 and newer versions, Doze mode is accountable. You can turn off Doze for Pager Duty by moving to Settings → Battery → Battery Optimization → All Apps → PagerDuty and Hitting Don’t Optimize.


Receiving the push notification, but without any sound!


If you are in receipt of the Push Notification Android, but you are not able to listen to any sound try the following tricks:


  • Android phone entails a sound to be selected for push notifications. To validate a sound has been selected for push notifications move to Settings → Sound & Notification → Default Notification Ringtone and select a sound.
  • For Android 6.0 and higher versions, the app is set as a prioritized app in priority mode.
  • For Android 6.0 and higher versions, make sure to see if the app is being silenced by Doze mode.
  • Now hit the button to whether any other volume-manipulating apps are currently active or functioning.



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