Push notification- A faster and effective marketing method for businesspersons

Mobile devices have made a track record of unrivaled success in the telecommunication industry and with the passage of time, their prominence continues to soar higher and higher. Particularly for the business enterprisers, the mobile devices are an exceptional boon as these help wonderfully in making the mark for them with their superb features. Nowadays, brands are seeking ways to perfect their mobile marketing strategy. Mobile apps have come into vogue these days enormously and are found installed in a consumer’s device wherever they go. This gives the brand a lot of potential to get in touch with their target audience while they are on the go. At times, users also need a little push to reintroduce them to an app they may have forgotten about and at the crossroads, push technology turns up for help.

A push notification is a special text message sent to users who have the app installed on their device beforehand. Push technology has earned a little notoriety these days at the end of the companies that send messages to the user without any down-to-earth or premeditated planning.

Mobile apps enable brands to build up a personal association with their targeted audience by dint of in-app preferences and other kinds of analytical data. By meticulously reviewing your audience’s personal preferences, it is easy to send out well-timed and relevant notifications to give significance to their day.

For example, with the help of “geo-detection” it is feasible for a brand to discover when a customer paid a visit to their store last time or when a customer is close at hand and then push out an appropriate notification such as: “Shop in our store and get 50% off. Offer valid for today only.”

After surveying and analyzing users’ habits, you will be able to classify your targeted audience into varied groups and push out a targeted and appropriate message to each distinct type of group. For instance, if a certain user of a group is interested in consuming edible items from a specific restaurant, you could send out a relevant push with a discount on the items he/she consumes very often.

Once you have determined that your content is appropriate and well timed, you also need to inform your users about iOS and Andriod Push Notifications. Giving the user this picking will develop more tendencies in them to opt in for push notifications as they are guaranteed to receive information, which is pertinent to them.

As per a research conducted, a relevant push notification delivers three times faster response rate than email speaking volumes about the phenomenal growing use of the technology all around.


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