Benefits of mobile marketing or push notifications over email marketing

If you are not getting in touch with your existing and potential clients at your end periodically, you are on the verge of losing your business sooner or later. These days, businesspersons utilize email marketing and mobile marketing to make the marketing campaign a success. According to a reported survey, it has become evident that approximately 95-98% of people check their email via their mobile devices today. People who are often on the move also check their email via push notifications. So if you have a business and you do not keep to informing about your products or services, your customers will forget you sooner or later. And, your competitors will take over your business. Looking at the competitive trend, it is quite well understand that utilizing email marketing and newsletters is a matter of the fact because they are known well to reach out to your targeted customers right away. 
Push Notification

Even then comparing the benefits of email marketing and mobile marketing, the later gets a better edge as a result of the faster delivery of results. So it becomes evident that Push Notifications are read more than the email notifications. So, it is good to have a mobile app now! Furthermore, customers also anticipate every business to have an app. Here are a few more reasons to get an app.

Win the trust and confidence of customers

With a Push Notification App, businesses have the opportunity to engage with the customers in the right way. To be precise, you can offer discounts, coupons, and promotions on the application. More specifically, your customers will feel special.


The inherent sharing capabilities are, in point of fact, constructive for small-sized businesses. Your customers can spread the word about you. They can break up the info on social networking sites Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Email, etc.

Drive Traffic

As it is mentioned above, it can help businesses in a variety of ways. One of the benefits of push notifications is that it enhances the customer base.

Get Instant Feedback

Your precious customers can leave feedback in the simplest way feasible. This is absolutely helpful for a wide range of businesses.

These days a maximum number of people are available on Smartphone’s than desktop computers. With that said, your business needs to be readily accessible to a range of mobile devices. This way you will be able to get instant feedback.

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