The advantages of having Acrobits App in your mobile device

As time passes, the need or trend to bring mobile devices into unified cohesive networks, the need for Session Initiation Protocol (or SIP) apps is on the rise. The Acrobits app for the iOS is designed to enable on the move access to your VoIP network at every time, over WiFi or even 3G networks.
Push Notification
The following are the features of Acrobits App:

    Push Notification. If your app is not active or not functioning, yet you will receive a notification when an incoming call arrives on your mobile phone. Just click the ‘answer’ button to accept the call.
    Bluetooth competence. It effortlessly deals with calls even while you hands are busy.
    Call history with the history of all calls sorted wittily to give you full convenience.
    Call recording and playback – potential to document every party as an individual track in the wav file if preferred.
    There are as many as 12 ‘instant-dial’ contacts available in one panel
    G.729A codec obtainable as a discreet app for improved sound quality over 3G
    Hassle-free configuration, speakerphone support, and caller ID phone number resolution.
    Incorporation into your iPhone phonebook, and contact number search function as well as support for sip:username URLs.
    Several SIP accounts efficiency, with trouble-free switching between accounts.
    Hassle-free importing of accounts from key VoIP providers.
The Acrobits softphone now comes with ease of use downloadable app sporting 3G compatibility. Equated with other VoIP mobile apps, customers are of the view that it is easier to install and ensures a more crystallized transmission of SIP calls. The layout of each screen is rational and the required amount of switching between screens is negligible.

While iPhone does not enable apps to run in the background, the push notification feature is a receptive addition that enables users to view when an incoming call is being transmitted and they do not skip all important calls. iOS Push Notification Service requires a minimum of iPhone OS 3.0 including an Internet connection, either via a cellular data network or Wi-Fi. This feature is compatible with the Apple iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

The key advantage of having a mobile application supporting SIP calling is that your calls are routed by way of your personal VoIP network thus cutting down mobile costs and allowing the integration of your mobile number into your key business office. You can create multiple SIP accounts for incoming and outgoing calls as well as coordinate settings so that outgoing calls confirm your key business phone number rather than your personal mobile caller ID.


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