What are the different push messaging options?

In order to receive push notification message, it is very important that the online push notification application is active or in the background. Precisely, if the account is connected to an available network or application, push notification is practically impossible to reach. In such cases, the user will receive push messages right away after the application is started.
Android GCM API Configuration

Push messaging options

Push messages function almost exactly the same in all mobile devices. When the message turns on the mobile screen, it may be opened or remained on display screen.

Apple’s iOS Push Notification messages will appear on screen device and the user can give response to it either at the spur of the moment or go back again to it eventually via the message center. The exterior of the iOS interface is smooth and up-to-the-minute. The vivid colors and polished graphics contribute to making the menus of the iPhone and iPad quite attractive to look at and fun to use. More significantly, the interface is set out in a way that enables new users to become conversant with the commands and menus of the platform


Windows Phone devices are available to deliver and receive a variety of unlimited push messages, out of which the basic option (“toast”) is similar to other platforms for sending push messages. Windows Phone – have the feature to send the raw – and tile messages. Raw-service posts give an opportunity to input information (for e.g., a coupon) in the background, however, the application must retrieve information individually.

Tile Messaging

If you watch giving scrupulous attention to the detail, the Messaging Tile on Windows phone will vary as you take delivery of messages. When you receive a new text message, you will listen to a sound and a succinct notification will turn up on the top of the screen. Additionally, when you have innovative text messages, the Messaging Tile on the Start screen will evince you like how many you have and the smiley on the Tile will change.

Android Messaging

Push Notifications enable your application to intimate a user of the arrival of new messages or events no matter whether the user is actively using the application. On Android devices, when a push notification message turns up on an Android phone, your application’s icon and a message turn up in the status bar. When the user clicks the notification, they are delivered to your application. Push notifications Android can be delivered to all users, for example for a marketing campaign, or for a mass of targeted people, to send customized information.

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