Bulk Push’s Services and Features at a Glance

Bulk Push is an up-and-coming push notification services provider with a plenty of customers from different parts of the world. It has made the mark in the industry for sending thousands of push notifications messages till date. The company’s bull’s eye is on fostering ‘relationship-based marketing’ and thus aims to deliver context-sensitive message with the view to helping the users find significance in the messages.

bulkpush - mobile push notification services

While we understand that different customers have different needs, we have set up a specific and dedicated server to deal with the needs successfully. Using our award-winning push notification services, you can readily make the most of the tools, and deliver a mass of push notification messages to your targeted mass almost in a New York minute! Apart from being a service provider, we also help our customers by helping them resourcefully at every step of the usage of the system.

While we are at the cutting-edge of Push Notification Services, we invariably make efforts to deliver higher-grade solutions to our clients. On a continued basis, our team of professional is engaged in ensuring how we can furnish our clients with improved plug-ins, modules and SDKs.

At Bulk Push, we bring a variety of supported platforms such as WordPress, iOS, Android, Windows 8, Blackberry, Mac OS X, Amazon, Windows Phone and so on into use. We are also armed with a highly dedicated customer support staff who is always braced up to respond to your queries and inquiries at all round the clock. With that said, we can make sure that using our push notification systems and availing of our customer support team, your satisfaction is guaranteed.


1). User friendliness for new users – The signup process we have on our website is a piece of cake and it takes only a couple of minutes to get started.

2). Variety – We have setup a versatile system which enables sending push notifications to all major supported platforms such as Android, iOS, Blackberry, and Windows Mac OS X, Amazon etc.

3). Partition – Marketers are furnished with the facility to target and partition their targeted end users depending on the marketing gimmicks and thus offer relevant and quality content in the push notifications. They can also program push notifications in full or in batches.

4) Reporting – Users can also have a look at the innovative style reporting that assists keep a tab on their campaigns and make corrections in case of digression.

5) Dyed-in-the-wool server – For its enterprise offering, it offers a dyed-in-the-wool server instance, and enable multi-language support for an international reach.


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