Bulk Pushs Notifications Service Features at a Glance

For sending push notifications to your targeted audiences, Bulk Push is a recommendable and well-thought-of company. At Bulk Push, we have developed state-of-the-art proprietary systems and messaging solutions that will cater to your business needs all the way. Precisely, with our Push Notifications App services, enterprises and business customers can easily stay ahead with more helpful operational messaging solutions at most affordable costs.
Push Notificatiion Services
Bulk Push is looked on excellent Push Notification services in real time background connection with devices via XMPP protocol for highly dependable, swifter message delivery and statuses tracking. Here are the features of our push notification services:

Assured Delivery
Message store, forward and retry mechanisms enable the delivery of push messages even under challenging conditions.

Delivery statuses tracking
Comprehensive delivery data concerns with each and every message delivered for building applications to give a response in real time. Adding delivery statuses tracking into your push messaging, you can look forward to receiving timestamps for messages sent, delivered, opened/read and clicked.

Push personalization
Customize messages by dint of your data and avoid sending regular messages to your overall users. Hand on rich media and data objects for creating a more voguish, in-app experience.

2Way Communication
Get responses to push messages that are sent or interact with your end users via a private in-chat experience.

Custom Data
Send additional data to be processed by your application and carry out a variety of tasks viz. displaying a specific page of the app.

Custom message
You have the flexibility to make your push message customizable by sending matching tag values to every mobile device.

Custom Tags
You have the convenience to send notifications to particular groups of devices. Register users with their usernames and other details, and create your personal tags for exact targeting across diverse segments.

The number of apps that you can register using one account. If you are in need of more applications, you can touch base with us.

For more information on our additional Bulk Push’s features, please log on to our website Bulkpush.com.


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