Utilize Bulk Push’s Push Notification Services and Enhance your Targeted User Base

Bulk Push’s Push Notification services are rapidly gaining the exclusive attention of the maximum number of international businesspersons that have the intent to put across the business new releases, the updates or any other form of notifications related to the products/services to the targeted users.

Push Notification Services

We play a stellar role in delivering services that are result oriented. Precisely, we deliver the Push Notifications Services that work very powerfully in building a mightily-engaged user base according to your targeted customer’s apps. Also, the businesspersons receive improved level of end results as a result of the app build investment with you. You get the targeted end users that keep to paying you on a monthly basis.

Bulk Push renders you with the tools and technologies that can help you offer hard-hitting push notification campaigns-as-a Service for your end users’ apps. You can give your clients a login to build and manage push campaign themselves or run app engagement programs for them where

Charge for your service monthly and with an automated monthly report to show the results. One of the best ways to stay close to your clients throughout the life of the app.

Bulk Push’s Push Notification service offers you…

Frequent Revenue Service to offer your clients

Aid your clients in enhancing app user engagement by creating hard-hitting push notification campaigns as a service. While you utilize Push Notification Campaigns for your clients, you charge an affordable monthly fee.

Your Client Push Notification control panel

Render your clients with their personal Self-Serve Push Notification Control Panel where they deal with their personal push notification campaigns and have a look at the results themselves.

Intuitive, Hard-hitting Analytics

Intuitive and actionable synopsis of how Automatic and Marketing Driven Push Notifications are executing. Also, utilizing our Automated Monthly Report, you allow your clients to become aware of whether their push notification campaigns are a smasher or not. Package this up as your personal service, with your branding and your edge at the pinnacle.

Event-Oriented Push Notifications

Event triggered push notifications that are integrated into our app and automatically sent when dimensions within the app are achieved.

Campaign-Oriented Push Notifications

Run sectioned and highly targeted campaigns to develop app engagement. Drive more worth and enhance the number of active app users or re-connect with itinerant users. Render your clients with their very personal Push Dashboard manage and drive their personal campaigns.

All the time on Service

Sends push notifications to the app whether the app is running in foreground or background mode on the device.

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