BulkPush Facilitates you to Customize Push Notifications Depending on the Geo-Location of the Targeted User

At times, you run across some critical situations that require you to portray different content on different websites for different users depending on their geo-location.  Example:  Expedia will feature all-inclusive and wide-ranging travel deals depending on the city you live in. In the same way, YouTube will display wide-ranging video content and offers to you depending on your geo-location. It directs to the fact that when a user geo-location changes, then the Push Notifications also have to be customized depending on the location he/she is available.

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At BulkPush, we also have incorporated this spanking-new and very useful feature of location-based Push Notifications into our website, which enables you to split up the Browser Push Subscribers depending on their global location. We keep a user’s geo-location in our record while they subscribe us, in accordance with the IP addresses we find. This is really a big convenience for you to send targeted and varied messages to the subscribers in diverse global cities, states, and nations.

To split the users up, open New Notifications under Notifications tab, and then click Advanced Options.  Under Geo Location, you can choose the name of the Country, State or City, which you see in your account in accordance with the data stored in it. For example, if you have a majority of your targeted people from the UK, then the UK will turn up in the country list.

Once you have selected the segment, the size will turn up on the top. So, now you are all set to deliver notification(s) to this segment.

Bring this innovative and useful feature of location-based push notifications into use and you can look forward to getting higher Click Rates on your push notification campaigns, and can drive more transactions and users on a continuing basis.