Are push notification services the future of mobile marketing?

The obsession among the mass with mobile devices for the past few years has reached an unprecedented level and is yet increasingly wildly. Today it is hard to live life without these mobile phones, which have become an icon of high status and standing in the society, we live in. And with the massive growth of the innovative mobile devices, the rate at which mobile marketing is growing annually is also beyond comparison. A maximum number of mobile marketing experts agree that mobile marketing covering SMS, push Notifications, mobile applications and location-oriented functionality is the backbone of their business.

As a result of the fastest and surefire effectiveness push mobile marketing delivers, it is quite well understood why a maximum range of companies is using the innovative mobile apps. Many companies today harness the power of mobile applications to put across the information to the customers and interact with them. Now companies can easily ensure that their largely-targeted marketing info, which they are looking to share with the end users can be pushed to their Smartphones via the mobile app in the form of push notifications.

Mobile push Notifications are the great way for the customers to act with the information at hand right away. Marketers have jumped to the conclusion that the open rates on push notifications are 50% higher than the emails, which are sent to the end users.

At Bulk Push, we guess that the time-honored businesses have already started incorporating state-of-the-art mobile analytics and targeted push notifications into their marketing campaigns and giving the same level of attention and budget just as email marketing. While the handling and implementation of push notifications campaigns are, by and large, a great marketing gimmick, the point to note down here is that your mobile app developers have a tactical know-how of how push notification services can be used in the context of your app to hook up and get in touch with the end users.

Therefore, looking at what said above and analyzing the wildly growing usage of push notification services in the present-day contexts, it is presumable that this technology will even be in the use in future.

Do you implement push notifications as a fundamental marketing strategy to market your business? Let us know by writing your comments.


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