Looking at Bulk Push’s Notifications Features at a Glance

Push Notification Services are today recognized presumably the most favorable ways to help the targeted users of a business STAY interested and engaged on a continuing basis. Push notification services are being upgraded as time passes. The rate at which the targeted content is being customized is stupendous. Push Notification Services have to be used with scrupulous attention and not come into conflict with the keen advertising departments. A push marketing campaign that is too blatant will dissuade folks from using your app, either making them “unallow” push notification services or worse triggering uninstalls.

Bulk Push has positioned itself among the leading push notification service providers that are committed to offering a dedicated and inclusive range of the services and features. Bulk Push is reputed to deal with the push notifications traffic skyrocketing to 6 figures in numbers and even more, via its streamlined and potential readymade systems. The highlight of the system is that it has a free basic account and highly affordable accounts to upgrade. When it comes to the features BulkPush offers global Multilanguage support, Remote APIs, analytics support, Multi-Language Push, Geo Tags, Dynamic Content, A/B Tests.

Let us take a look at the four salient push notification features of Bulk Push:  

A) Variety – The versatile Push Notifications system that BulkPush utilizes, enables sending push notifications to more than a dozen of key mobile app development platforms including the most popular ones like Android, iOS, Blackberry, and Windows devices.

B) Segmentation – Marketers are also facilitated to target and split up their targeted audience depending on their marketing gimmicks and thus include to the point content in the push notifications.  Moreover, they can also schedule push notifications entirely or in batches.

C) Reporting – Marketers can also have a look at the reporting, which helps them to monitor the progress of their campaigns and thus make amendments in case differences occur.

D) Multi-language support – As far as the enterprise offering are concerned, it offers a dyed-in-the-wool server instance, and enables multi-language support for an international reach.




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