An overview of the features of BulkPush’s Mobile Notification

BulkPush offers the scalable and Universal Push Notification Platform for users to send the push notifications to the targeted audiences in a jiffy with perfection.
Here are the features of our universal push notifications platform for the users:
Push Notification Services

The platform we use is designed to undergo the bulkiest load you can ever guess. Also, our solutions are designed to support all types of existing devices.
Robustness and dependability

The Platform being tried and trusted is workable on every scale and serves customers with over 99.95% uptime.
Featuring state-of-the-art technology, our robust platform is just the thing for dependability from the ground up, by powerhouse consisting of server and push experts.

We guess we offer the fastest push platform on the market.
So if you design to make an incredibly fast go, we can meet the need excellently for you.
A perfect fit for all

Our platform is a perfect fit for all startups that have the compelling ambition to grow to gigantic size. The costs are restrained and not out of the ordinary since the platform use is unlimited for every plan.
Based on your personal preferences, you can resolve actually how critical the notification is for your business, and choose the right speed for your pushes.
Transparent and light

There is no hem-in. That means whenever you want to get your data back, our Software Development Kit (SDK) is all the way to help you meet the need. Our SDK is lightweight and restricted to the bare minimum required. Moreover, you can access the source code if you give the commitment for a year of service.
Delivery of ultra-modern push notification services

As we exclusively deal in mobile Push Notification Services, we give you the word to offer ultra-modern push service. We want to stick to third-party revisions on push platform as soon as they come about, so that you can deliver the unparalleled experience to your users.
We still have a lot of attractive features for our users that you can check on our website and in the time to come, you will have the access to the most recent features for Android Push Notifications and iOS push notifications, with more updated features to turn up for the mobile push.

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