Delivering Instant Push Notifications for the Effectiveness of your business

At Bulk Push, the Push Notification Service we offer is staggeringly one of a kind and available to the fullest. Our services are flexible, it means that they can be customized to suit the needs of our customers very well. Also, a vast range of mobile push devices can be pushed really staggeringly promptly. We take modest pride on our core competence to share the breaking piece of news with numerous users in a few winks! That acts as a catalyst for our customers to enhance and optimize the opening rate of Apps. We work from strength to strength to meet the demands of the market offering everlasting product development.

Push Notification Service

The tag-oriented posting of Push Notifications delivers the core value to the senders and recipients. Bulk Push transmits the user optimized information and enables to jump to the conclusions about user’s activities and interests.

Ease of use and Hassle-free Integration!

The connection we at Bulk Push provide for Push Notification Service is rather basic and ease of use.

Our push notification delivery will be coupled per REST API to your App as well as your CMS. Also, the data exchange is SSL encrypted. For the CMS Escenic and WordPress, we offer a special plugin.

Our Push Notification Service is available as cloud solution (SaaS). The amalgamation of your Apps is implemented very easily via the web interface and supports autonomous and well-organized working. When you are hooking up your CMS with the Bulk Push REST-API, we are always at the drop of the hat to assist you.

We are geared up to give you a trial access and give you an idea about you all the tools we offer. Visit our website www dot bulkpush dot com.


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