Send Unlimited Mobile Push Notifications to Your Targeted Customers Instantly

We take immense pleasure to state that BulkPush is fast turning up the industry’s number one platform to deliver mobile Push Notifications to the targeted customers of customers instantly and effectively. You can make the most of our state-of-the-art technology to send push notifications to a particular customer via their mobile number. Our Android and iOS push message services can help grow your business and promote it very well.

Push Notification Services

We predominantly back up all the existing mobile platforms such as Android, Windows, iOS. These are trailblazers of existing browsing arena. Using any of the mobile platforms we support, we are convinced that your targeted customers will start receiving notifications in a few jiffies. After all, sending messages to the mobile devices of your customers is as easy and convenient as possible.

Send Push Notifications straightforwardly to Android devices via mobile browser!

Android Push Notification messages can be sent to other users on their mobile web browsers such as Firefox, Opera and Chrome, even while they are not available on your website. What does this entail? It gives vent to the meaning that you need not invest in developing a mobile app for your virtual undertaking! Get in touch with your users on their mobile browsers, while you and/or they are on the move! Send them messages and keep them engage.

Why choose BulkPush Android Push notification Service?

Engage the customers

Make customers hanker after more from your website with quick updates. Push Notifications are a huge way to keep them engaged. You can get more subscribers while keeping up the old ones.

Hassle-free set-up

BulkPush installation is a piece of cake. It will consume as less as five minutes to set up and you can start sending your Push Notifications! We assure you of that!

Outstanding Backend Support

The experience can be exasperating when it comes to getting support for troubleshooting or any other queries. Not with us. Our excellent and dedicated support team gives the backend support 24/7.

At BulkPush, we are experienced technicians with the wider knowledge of push notification services with the goal to revolutionize the traditional ways in know-how and technical services. Also, we at BulkPush we have the avid goal to help you to develop your market without any substantial cost.


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