BulkPush Mobile Push Notifications Systems – Notify your global users instantly!

Bulk Push furnishes you with the amazing convenience to keep your targeted users engaged in your app and reengage them when it is clogged using the Data Delivery Network​ and Push Notifications APIs.

Push Notification Services

The Push Notifications services typically come rendered with a combined and interactive platform to send and deal with mobile and web push notifications targeted to iOS, Android mobile platforms, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox web browsers along with Google Chrome Apps and Extensions. The Push Notifications Services are the most effective tool to deal with the representing your app users to their devices, device platform, internet browsers and deals with expediting push notifications to them. While you utilize this type of service, you have the convenience to send broadcasts, unicasts (depending on deviceID and userID), and also tagged (or topics) as push notifications to your mobile and web browser app users. Moreover, you can make the most of SDK and REST APIs to additionally develop your client apps.

Send just one time, deliver ubiquitously

You can send Push Notifications to IOS and Android mobile devices via one integrated Push Notifications API for Google Cloud Messaging (GCM), Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM), and Apple Push Notification Service (APNs).

Scalable and dependable

With Bulk Push’s notifications systems, you can send interactive and instant push notifications rendered with comprehensive and dedicated support for languages in your stack. You need not operate your own servers or managing a variety of platform protocols.

Easily integrable

Send a mass of push notifications via our dependable platform tried and tested by the maximum number of developers. Enjoy unlimited devices and notifications just free of cost.

There is still a range of other benefits that you can capitalize on using Bulk Push’s Mobile push notification systems. Explore the website and get an entire load of information as if how our Mobile push notification services are a goldmine for you.


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