Delivering Push Messaging Services with Immense Competence

Mobile apps and push notifications


Mobile apps furnish marketers with a new opportunity to engage their customers with their brand. Recent improvements to push notifications, in-app chat and SMS messages have ensured that it is easier for marketers (advertisers) to carefully design and personalize to send messages to their clients. A push message is a short message that is displayed on the phone’s home screen. Even if the user does not even open, he/she still sees the message directly on the app. These “permission-based” mobile messages can be sent directly to their mobile devices (smart), at the time they wish to choose to receive them.
BulkPush – A leading mobile push notifications company


BulkPush offers an innovative push messaging solution for companies with the highest standards of performance, capacity, security and personalization. You can effectively reach your customers, wherever they are.


Why choose BULKPUSH’S Mobile Push Notifications?


Customer support


We offer 24/7 support service, which is very highly valued by our customers. A help center is available for customer support through email, phone and chat.


Start immediately


When it comes to sending push notifications to your targeted audiences, you can start immediately as it does not require to any person to go through a specific learning or experience.




The safety of your messages is guaranteed. The message chain is being protected from beginning to end.




Reaching your customers where and when counts. Increase the level of the engagement with your targeted users by making the smart use of push messaging to ensure the level of customer satisfaction and retention.


Supported platforms


Supported push Notification platforms include iOS, Android, Windows 8, Windows Phone, Amazon, Blackberry, Mac OS X, and WordPress.




BulkPush’s platform is specifically targeted to companies as a customer retention tool. Curious about the prices? Look at BulkPush’s platform pricing page.


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