Delivering a groundbreaking solution to push notification alerts

Push Notification Services

An increasing host of users from several places of the globe has started to use push notifications, both in their personal and professional lives. Push notifications deliver messages in real-time. This communication mode delivers hottest news and notification alerts directly to users’ mobile phones or desktops. By the by, users very often end up with dissimilar notifications on dissimilar mobile devices and have a hard time in drawing them all together in a single place.

As a result of the fast developing range of mobile devices over time, developing push applications has also been getting more and more complex. That is why today mobile app developers had to create and keep up a discrete version of the similar push software for a broad range of mobile devices, including Blackberry, Android, Windows and Apple Phone to a great extent.

BulkPush, the leading Mobile Push Notification services, remarkably deals with the challenges confronted by both end users and developers. It facilities notifications a bit simpler when it comes to receiving, organizing and storing, yet, in the meantime, it also cuts down the cost and complications for mobile developers. In the history of mobile app development, this is for the first time that developers get the opportunity to create a unique, universal notification service that will deliver notifications to all types of devices — mobiles, tablets, desktops, laptops and televisions.

Benefits and features of our mobile push notification services for the end users:

BulkPush gives users the flexibility to have a great level of control as if which notification they are likely to receive, how they actually get the receipt of them and what they do with them.

Real-time web – A viscous gimmick: BulkPush facilitates its end users to receive notifications, in real-time, including thorough details, data, content, updates and reminders that they hanker after receiving while it gets loaded on the World Wide Web.

Web-based notification – A user-friendly setting: The BulkPush notifications system is very simple in terms of use for its end users. Getting subscription to an up-to-date notification alert from a content or service provider is as simple as hitting a web link.

Less pushy notifications – An integrated inbox : The BulkPush notifications service offers a singular central inbox app to accumulate and store all the notifications right away in a safe and sound central storage area.

Diverse mobile devices – A shared management: This innovative service acknowledges that users are having a range of mobile devices including a phone, a tablet, a desktop and a spanking-new web-enabled Television Set. BulkPush facilitates users to share and keep up their notifications across a broad range of their mobile devices.

Journal of records- A “read-it-later” and search option: Most number of notification alerts these days, unfortunately, cannot be stored for eventual use. BulkPush, however, saves notifications as soon as they arrive. This way, users can refer back to them and even search for them sooner or later.


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