BulkPush’s Push Notifications – Assuring guaranteed and timely delivery of your messages

 Push Notifications

BulkPush offers a standard, dependable and scalable delivery API with regards to the operational push notifications for applications. Our mobile push notification services and solutions are just the tickets for sending data-oriented all types of notifications to your targeted audiences in a jiffy!

Get confirmation of the delivery of the messages in real time for each and every message sent and built intellectual messaging logic in your real-time apps.

How we stand out from the competitors?

We are a fully mobile push notification professional service

We offer powerful and innovative mobile push notifications service, which helps users to send millions of notifications on a regular basis.

We have sent over one million iOS, and Android push Notifications to this date.

Push integration to your application

The integration of the notification system offered by the varied SDK is sophisticated, using our turnkey solutions, you just pay attention to the essentials.

Why BulkPush?


Web interface to send messages without existing infrastructure

Safe REST API for sending notifications from your information system

Mapping between phone credentials and your usernames

Sending messages to all your users or groups of users

Incremental badge service to automatically manage an unread reader

Lightweight, well-documented and user-friendly SDK. A complete integration in only a few minutes.

Technical characteristics:

Scalable Technical Infrastucture

Proven Java EE Technology

Secure Data Transfer (SSL)

High availability, redundancy of services

If you are looking to integrate the best Push Notification Services into your applications, please touch base with us today.

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