Key features of the mobile push notification services Bulk Push offers

BulkPush automatically converts your regular push notifications into multi-optioned and cost-effective push notifications. We utilize the state-of-the-art Software Development Kit (or SDK), which offers a novel user experience, facilitating user interaction directly from the notification, real-time A/B testing and attractive layout.

Here are the key features of our world-class mobile push notification services:

Speedy broadcast to a mass of mobile devices

Our Mobile Push Notification Server is designed to send a mass of push notifications to mobile devices of all the existing operating systems of mobile devices viz. iOS, Android, Windows etc. in the twinkling of an eye! Based on your preferences, we can customise the notifications and then send them to your targeted mass.

Friendly with all types of back ends

Our push notifications are compatible with any backend viz. Dot NET, PHP, Java, Node.js—whether it is sited on-premises or in the cloud. This facilitates you to upgrade your mobile apps and get connected to your customers.

Target your customers readily with catchy tags

Send push notifications to all your targeted audiences right away or the devices via the Notification Hubs tagging feature. Tags facilitate you to section your targeted users depending on the activity, tastes, location, or preferences; with that said, you deliver the right content to the right person at the exact time.

Localisation facilitated with templates

If your app is targeted for a range of markets, the templates’ feature offer a practical way to send location-based push notifications; this way, you are touching base with the customers in their local languages. Templates also help you to get rid of the hassle of storing the localisation settings for every customer or creating a mass of tags.


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