Tips for effective mobile push notifications

Push Notifications

Images increase the click rate by 40%

A significant increase in the response rate to achieve 40% is through images, but this is currently only possible on Android devices. With the version iOS 10, however, this will change; for example, videos will also be displayed via the Push Notifications

When is a push messaging most effective? 

Particularly important when sending push messages is to address the right person at the right time with the right message. The following questions should be asked:

Is the user interested in the subject?
Is this the right time to send the user a push message?
What kind of data do I have to make the communication as personal and relevant to the person as possible?
How many push notification messages have the users today received from me?

Premier Mobile Push notification companies such as Bulk Push offer the ideal prerequisites. Messages can be personalized and targeted to specific groups of people, whether geotargeting via the age of the users, or via their last app action (purchasing, first-time use, etc.). This is important since efficient personalization can increase the click rate by up to four-fold. It is also possible to regulate how many notifications a user receives per day. Media should use this opportunity not to drive away their customers. Particularly sensitive to push notifications are mainly Apple Watch and Smart Watch owners, as they are informed by a brief vibration about each push. Personalization as well as control of the number of messages sent avoid possible opt-out and increase customer loyalty as the value of the message is the main focus.

One disadvantage of the push notification messages is their unique display, once clicked or ignored, they cannot be restored. A combination of push notifications and in-app messages is recommended, so you can store desired pushes like possible special offers or important messages in an app’s internal inbox and can be displayed and clicked at any time. 

Bulk Push:

The company Bulk Push is one of the premier push notification companies in the business. We offer innovative technology for mobile apps. Our high-tech SaaS platform allows customers to increase their customer loyalty and conversion to desktop, tablet and mobile. We at Bulk Push send over 1 billion push notifications per month to over 300+ international customers such as Afghanistan, Austria, Australia, Cameroon, Ghana, India, Indonesia, UAE, UK, Turkey, Uganda, Vietnam and so on.


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