Six exceptional mobile marketing strategies to keep your targeted users engaged with your app

A mass of businesses is fast developing mobile apps with the view to reaching out to its targeted Smartphone users. And do you know that there is a cutthroat competition between the apps with the intention to encourage more and more users to install and make use of the app? Mobile marketing is the most effective way today to enable you to promote your app to the right group of users successfully.

And if you want to engage your users via Mobile Push Notification Services , listed below are seven tips to keep users engaged.

1. Learn who your Audiences are– As far as your knowledge about your targeted users is concerned, you most probably only know that they like your app simply because they downloaded it. However, that is not a plausible reason to keep a track of their behavior to turn up a pattern. Let us take an example about a user who is searching for new songs of a singer; he/she will love to receive push notifications about the latest book releases and bestsellers on his/her mobile device.

2. Content – You can keep your users engaged with the app by sending them new, exciting and pertinent content. You can send them blogs, links to videos downloads and more. If your content is engaging, certainly the users will be engaged with the app.

3. Timeliness – It really matters to send push notifications to a user at a suitable time. Push notifications about weekend getaways will not turn up a mass of targeted audiences on Mondays; the best way is to send the notifications on Wednesday or Thursday before a long weekend. A push notification sent timely can create a huge difference to your users’ experience and the success rate of the app.

4. Segment Users – Marketers should competently partition the users and sort out notifications sent to them in a specific order. For example, a Push Notification Services about special discount on kids’ accessories would not be live up to the mark in catering to the interests and needs of grown-up students. Likewise, a notification sent to men about a newly launched women’s salon, will fell flat in gaining any traction. Partitioning users by age, sex and other statistics can be helpful in sending them pertinent and appropriate push notifications.

5. Inbox the Notifications – If a user could not receive any push notification, it should still be available to him/her in a different place. Organize an in-app message inbox that can help readers to read the message at their convenience when they get the time to follow up on your messages.

6. Metrics Matter – Gauge the level of success your mobile marketing campaign have achieved in different dimensions. For example, if you have delivered a mobile push notification related to a newly released product/service, it strongly matters to gauge the number of users — who opened the app – looked at the product – read the reviews or features – used the promo code – added the service/product to cart – bought it and which user put an end to using the product/service. Such type of thorough mobile analytics would get a hold of more insights to tune up the app marketing strategy and carry out improved campaigns.

So just put these success mobile push notifications strategies into effect to carry out a hard-hitting push notification campaign with the view to engaging your users as well as enhancing the retention for your app. If you want to know more about the strategies, we at Bulk Push will be more than happy to assist you excellently.


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