How To boost Mobile Usage and Retention through Push Notification Services

Push notification services, if tactically used, can make a big difference in giving reminiscence about your target app to your target users. However, while using push notifications make sure that you send only relevant messages and to a limited degree, as irrelevant notifications sent frequently can easily get on your app users’ nerves. Also, sending relevant messages sporadically will not connect your brand to your target audience. In both cases, your users are highly likely to end up removing your app sooner or later.

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Below are the five specific push notifications strategies that will make a big difference to you in boosting your mobile usage and retention:

  1. Get the opt-In

Hopefully, you are already aware of the significance of the first impression in every walk of life. That means in both day-to-day life as well as business life, you will not get another chance to make a first impression. If your target users get a second-rate experience at your end, they will not show any hesitation to remove your app. You’re on-boarding should as a result be well-crafted and based on a hard-hitting strategy.
Before you actually set out to chew on your push notification content, it is worth the idea to get your iOS users to opt-in to push.

  1. Leverage customization

According to a recently conducted survey, we at BulkPush found that push notification messages inclusive of custom-made content witness 4 times the open rate of generic messages. It is strongly recommended that you use segmentation and customization of messages for your target users. This will enable you to create a variety of content strategies as per the type of profile that you are targeting.

Depending on the pre-install and post-install mechanism, you will be able to resolve the user’s lifecycle and the wide range of stages that your target users are passing through while navigating your app.

There from, you can put the process of segmentation into practice to customize your messages based on the phases your users are going through.

  1. Focus on using limited-time offers

A remarkable strategy to keep your users engaged to your brand is to encourage them to avail of limited-time offers. First of all, it is important to determine what would be immensely useful to your target users and what will encourage them to open your app again and again. Once you have worked out your offer, it strongly matters to turn up the right balance and the substantial tone.

Make sure to stay away from abusing this type of message albeit and turn up the right amount based on your offer, your target users etc. Keep in mind, these should be offers that are limited by time and not become a hit and miss communication.

  1. Ask for app updates

Another marvelous way of using push notifications services is to make your users familiar with new app updates. As a matter of fact, a large number of users do not have the automatic app updates turned on because of bad luck, they are maybe missing the newly updated features or incorporations that you have added.

By the way, the sincere efforts you have made naturally deserve to be noticed. An available opportunity for you is to create a personalized push notification message that showcases the benefit of your new updates. In the same vein of the onboarding pre-ask page, you can create an engaging and custom-made message to request your users to update your app, and therefore, to stay engaged.

  1. Let your target users know that you missed them

It is not an out of the ordinary fact that some of your hardcore customers, who have already used your app repeatedly for a specific period, significantly bring it to a standstill to never return. Considering the sharply growing fierce competition, it would not be an out of the ordinary thing to witness your hardcore customers to betray you and start using another app resembling yours to a great extent.

Do not feel down in the dumps albeit because you still have the opportunity to show them that your app is just one of a kind. You can again pull in your inactive users by sending them a custom-made push notification message. The content of the message should be inclusive of the information like you miss them really badly along with a request to return to the app and go through its new features, design, etc.

Wrapping up

Push notifications are just the ticket to help you develop your app business and minimize your churn. If used ingeniously, push messages can indeed change the way your users look at and use your app. Hopefully, the aforesaid five strategies will make a big difference to you in engage you with your target app users in a remarkable fashion.


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