Do Push Notifications Actually Boost ROI?

Do Push Notifications Actually Boost ROI?
So if you are looking to manipulate an app marketing strategy and guessing that those trivial push notifications delivered by the app are not a big deal, well at this critical point, you should take note of the fact that big things typically come in small packages. Without beating around the bush, let us understand why those push notifications are in point of fact such a big deal.

1. Connect with users when it indeed matters

Event-based Push triggers are instrumental for ecommerce brands in connecting them with their target audiences when it indeed matters. For instance, Push notifications are the great tools for users to give notifications about a flash sale, send them reminder about a product/service they have omitted in the shopping cart, check-in with them when they have been lax for a short time.  In fact, roughly 35% users typically give a response to drop-off triggers.

2. Directly engage with your users

Push notifications are the launch pad, which helps clients to engage with their users straightforwardly. Also, these messages are not caught in spam filters or get covered in an inbox. Latest researches are of the verdict that the click-through rate is as double as that of a time-honored email. Push notifications can be either transactional or engagement oriented in nature. They can be in touch with anything from a buying receipt to a sports match score to the state-of-the-art news to a promotional offer depending on the nature of the app and business. In the end, you can use it to encourage your brand in a smart fashion and create value.

3. Cost

With regards to cost, push notification services are the ideal choice as they do not have any ad spends attached. Yet push notifications enable you to put together 1:1 contextual engagements that can ultimately result in conversions. For example, Push notifications are the great way to help in product detection for a new-to-app user whereas it is an amazing retargeting tool when you are targeting slumps. With the use of the right automation platform, push notifications can be customized well to reach the right user with the right message and at the nick of time.

4. Opt-in/Opt-Out

The opt-in/opt-out Feature of Push Notifications furnishes users with an out-and-out control over which apps send them notifications and may also enable them state what kind of notifications they are interested in receive. This enables the push notifications to lead far higher than the standard text messages that are highly pushy and that typically come unwanted. A regular user is generally at more ease to receive these messages and with that said, it is a great facilitator for higher user subscriptions giving an opportunity to get to a superior target audience.

5. Go push messaging!

Push notification is a dominant channel to aid you in standing your app out and enhance your app business. The idea is to consider it as an advantage and not a right; influence it considerately to alter user perception with regards to these notifications and witness your business stepping up! If you have already calculated the same, you are already taking over your competition! 

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