How Emojis magnify push notification open rates?

How Emojis magnify push notification open rates?

Emojis are the valuable commodities for the mobile marketers as these act as a catalyst to increase the open rates of their push notifications to a great percentage of 85, according to a report released today.

As a matter of fact, regular push notifications are opened exclusively on 2.44 % of the time, as per the study conducted by Leanplumrand App Annie. Push notifications furnished with emoji, on the other hand, are opened at much greater rate: 4.51%. That strategy helps mobile app publishers or marketers to hook up with the target users and customers, and the same applies to the course of monetization.

Maybe a not an out of the blue bit of news; a slew of app marketers has already started using emojis lately.

According to a research, which critically appraised 5,000 push notification campaigns and 2.6 billion individual push messages, discovered that emoji-using notifications grew 163 percent from 2015 to 2016.

How emojis are instrumental in customers’ engagement.

As per the report, people’s brains give a response to emojis virtually the similar way they give a response to people’s faces. They are gestural, and with this in mind, they are processed as a poignant signal, not a commonsensical one. That gives excitement to a varied part of our brains, and therefore keeps an odd to shows the effect beyond the untainted reasoning of the message.

iOS and Android users give a response to emojis distinctly.

Emojis enhance Android Push Notification opens by over 100% whilst exclusively giving a 50% lift for iOS. Push notifications tend to have an extended subsistence in Android tray than on iOS, and as per the report’s conjecture, it is understandable that more time will be required to see the notifications and open them.

Similar factors may be at play for in-app messages.

Apps that make use of emojis in in-app messages are very likely to witness a dramatic rise in the engagement by more than 8%, as per the report obtained. And one app witnessed a surge in retention too, with a 28% hike in day-two retention.

Undoubtedly, emojis are just the ticket.

However, with the view to receiving orders-of-magnitude improved open rates make sure that your Push Notifications are customized in response to user behavior.

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