How to attract Customers with Beacons, Geotagging and Geofencing Push notification service

How to attract Customers with Beacons, Geotagging and Geofencing Push notification service

Consumers look ahead to a flawless transition on the internet world as well as the real world. Your business can, in point of fact, can make this come to pass via location-based marketing. This marketing gimmick has been in the trend for a short time but is earning more and more prominence as time passes, thanks to Smartphone devices and social media apps that sport this feature. Location-based marketing is the type of marketing that is targeted to local mobile users limited to a certain geological region. Get the more pull of information below about how businesses should follow location-based marketing including the tips to get you started.

How Location-Based Marketing Works?

Without delving into the practical details of the location-based marketing, which typically uses a cellphone’s GPS or a cell tower surveying to resolve a person’s estimated location. It then figures out individuals who are in close proximity to your business in person. Alternatively, you can use beacons, which can give the info when someone is in the interiors of your business site or event. Take, for example, you are operating a booth at a business show. With the use of beacon technology, you can key out the individuals who actually are available at your booth and give them access to exclusive tailor-made content.

Is Location-Based Marketing the ticket for You?

Unfortunately, no it is exclusively the ticket for retailers. Location-based marketing serves a more practical purpose to your outmoded cousins who have physical locations. With this in mind, this technology can readily be utilized for mom-and-pop stores and big-box online retailers. On the other hand, if your business makes the use of internal marketing, it is all easy to integrate location-based marketing into your hard-hitting overture. Location-based marketing can be accessed in a variety of forms of permission marketing, which depends on the standard that people must opt for receiving messages from you.
Here are the four most popular types of notifications:

Text Message: If your target customer is living in close proximity of your location, a text message can be sent to their mobile device to give them alert them about a discounted sale or promotional offer.

Push Notifications: A lot of hardcore customers are excited to take delivery of world-class promotions. A user will tend to receive Push Notifications about exclusive events or a regular sale. Looking for some other blue-chip trick? Make your customers believe that you run manifold fitness centers. When a customer is within a certain surrounding area of your gym, you can give them notification to ring a bell about working out today.

Pull Notifications:  Pull Notifications utilize geo-fencing technology to attract customers to their business. An individual may be walking near a restaurant approximately at noon and take delivery of a notification that all appetizers are half-off for the next hour. This will pull in even people in who had no intention to do business with you.

Check-ins: This form of marketing is diminishing, but a lot of people are still looking into sites they visit. Social media networks that back up this marketing type include Yelp, Facebook, and FourSquare (or Swarm). For instance, if an individual checks into your gym, it is a great idea to offer them a free t-shirt.

Good Points of Location-based Marketing

Just try to guess what makes location-based marketing a rage among the mass? It is affordable and effortless to use. It enables you to tap into people’s obsessive nature by encouraging impulse purchases with the notifications you release. Not only does location-based marketing enables you to pull in new target customers, it also works efficiently in gaining insight on your existing customers by reading what they’re saying on Yelp and Facebook.

To help you get started, make sure you:

Validate your business on Google Business and Bing sites with the view to making your business find readily.

Design an incentive strategy to let customers keep returning to your business.

Ask your staff to make it a habit to check-in to the location and share it on social media.

Embolden your customers to check-in and make use of geotagging in each of their social media posts.

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