How Push Notification Works in Andorid Based Mobile Apps?

What is a push notification?

Push notifications allow an app to notify its users of new events and messages without having to convince the user to open the application. The usefulness of such an application is that it can send audience-centric, beneficial and pinpointed notification which are more possibly to get clicked; without having to make an user feel overloaded with information. Push notifications work as always-active IP connection to forward notifications from its parent server to the mobile devices of the user.

Which are the key elements of push notification?

Trigger- A trigger – one of the vital elements within the framework of push notification can be behavior based, pre defined and rule driven.

  • User-behavior – The User-behavior is Read Only? Read/Write? Act-outside-the-App in format
  • Content Type – Content type notifications can be of Universal Vs Personalized? Lean Vs Detailed?
  • Intelligence – The intelligence element of push notifications can be of BI-Analytics

Benefits of Push Notifications

  • It helps make a communication simple
  • It can help users engage with meaningful message
  • It gives users a centralized system through which they can connect and control their message
  • It helps app developers find insight into customer behaviour
  • It is featured with ease of use
  • Other than these, there are many other useful ways notifications are changing the social means of pinpointed communication
  • Push notification process
  • Registering for the Push Service
  • Setting Permissions
  • Choose Your Push Icon
  • Add your API keys
  • Enable Push Notifications
  • Send a Test Push Notification

Sending push notification to targeted customers following proper framework and communication format in a simplified manner, using useful and properly defined measures.

Push notifications are generated using these models – developing text and context of the notification, designing proper ideas that implement the ideas, and then populating the ideas on the server for idea generation and finally; using pinpointed targeting strategic process.

The entire process of sending push notification is detailed. When it comes to using highly effective system to manually generate notification, marketers often use systematic and useful measures.

Along with iPhone; android phones are becoming one of the most useful mediums where push notifications are being sent on a daily basis. The push notifications are organizing the entire medium of communication system which held on hand-held devices.


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