Push Notifications – One of the Leading Mobile App Trends of 2017

Push Notifications - One of the Leading Mobile App Trends of 2017

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Mobile app trends are redefining the way we think and do marketing. The hand-held devices populated with applications can do wonders, and they can simplistically change the way a message is communicated to convey a marketing mantra. Like other years, 2017 has so far been eventful, and among the top trends that are making news include engaging customers via messaging, developing AI powered applications, integrating marketing channels into applications etc., are some of the notable trends that have been shaping the mobile application market. But among all the trends, one trend that is specifically gaining increased limelight is push notification.

Push notifications are becoming one of the highly popular ways to interact and engage with audiences.

The engagement within an application is heavily determined by a user’s decision to approve or reject push notification. “In 2015, users who enabled push notifications launched an app an average of 14.7 times per month, whereas users who did not only launched an app 5.4 times per month,” (Source)

Push Notifications

The facts and statistics clearly Hint How Popular Push Notifications Have become. In order to engage newer audiences, retain their interests and ensure they keep your informed consumers; push notifications have time and again clearly proved that it works as one of the most useful types of communication medium. Without push notifications, a mobile application cannot necessarily scale up and sustain the increased interests of its audiences.

It is a proven fact that users reply to push notifications more than other forms of communications; when it comes to making an interactive communication using the smart phone’s device. Push notifications build trust, genuinely improve user interest, and hopefully creates a sustained, trust-driven and uncomplicated mechanism that promote communication.

The increased Benefits of Push Notifications are actually making them truly unique types of marketing channel. Businesses around the world are increasingly using push notification.

The push notification emotionally connects a user with the message. The more defined, articulated and simplistic the entire push notification is, more is the chance for a user to read the message and then click on a link. The entire marketing eco system that is dominating today has edged beyond just presenting goods and services in an interactive manner. Today, in order to retain user and curve a distinctive niche than the crows and develop a winning edge, what is important is to design and develop user friendly and emotionally connecting features that work.

Push notifications develop a sense of urgency, and makes a user click on a specific link, it helps generate curiosity and most importantly help a message get straight to the audience. The mechanism through which push notifications work is simple and researches are on going to develop more user friendly push notifications that work.

To learn more about push notifications, to know how they can help you design and develop a marketing message and make a user click on a link; you might need to visit the Website.

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