Top five things keep in mind while choosing push notifications service providers

Top five things keep in mind while choosing push notifications service providers
Do I really need to use push notifications to connect with my audiences in real-time and simplify the overall communication system for my brand? If you are a business owner who has not yet integrated the push notification system into your process, this is the very valid question that you would have. This article thus helps you with 1) Learning Why Push Notifications Are Helpful for you and 2) How To Choose Your Push Notification Service

  • It helps you reach out to a wider audience base
  • It helps you promote seamless communication
  • You can receive quick process for seamlessly channelize process
  • It can help you with your budget
  • It is easy and quick to set up

Now, before deciding to opt for a push notification service, you need to learn and be defined about certain parameters or threshold for designing and developing a push notification service.

  • The volume of push notifications you need
  • The browsers your visitors use
  • The speed of delivery
  • The level of customer segmentation
  • The need for sending instant useful messages

Few questions need to be asked before deciding to choose a push notification

Will you be able to send personalized push notification?

The Push Notification Service Provider Should Be Able To Help you with clear and defined set of objectives. It should be able to help you with quick, personalized notifications; which you can easily use for a number of benefits and seamlessly communicate with your audience.

Which levels of customer segmentation and message personalization can be done

This means understanding who your defined set of audiences are, and how to cluster them and then deliver them targeted messages. Personalized messages need to be simple and then customer segmentation can help you channelize your process

What is the volume

Before deciding to Opt For A Push Notification Service Provider, it is important that you know what is your volume of messages that you need to send daily. The more you need to send messages; better line of feature and benefits would you need.

That’s it – how would you improve effectiveness of push notification campaign

Improve Effectiveness of Push Notification Campaign

When you need to opt for a service, which can assist you with notification; the importantly vital thing that you should take into consideration is that the message is mobile friendly. Your message should be clear and to the point.

  • Segment your audience
  • Do A/B testing
  • Save your valued time
  • Greet your new user with automatic mailout
  • Be personal
  • Don’t overdo any campaign. Rather; stick to a holistic frequency
  • Track and analyze time

These are just some of the important things that you need to learn when it comes to opting for a good notification service provider. The more defined you are about your choice and the better you can develop a system for holistically communicating with your audience, easier it is to choose a good notification service. Click Here to learn more NOW


Push Notifications – Discussing Opt-In And Reaction Rates On Facebook

Classic push notifications

Push notifications are one of the most important communication tools in Mobile CRM. They are an efficient alternative to e-mail marketing and are much more cost-effective compared to SMS marketing.

Potential of the news

Since Smartphone owners use only a few apps on a regular basis, push notifications are an important means to increase the “retention” of users and to return them to the app. Thus, they not only can inform about changes and advertise special offers but also reduce aborted purchase transactions. On the Smartphone device, an individual is significantly more distracted and is often interrupted by calls, SMS or an e-mail received during the purchase process. A mass of companies from different professional backgrounds relies on the impact of Push Notification to lead their customers back into the app to finally carry out the purchase process.

Opt-in and reaction rates

The key aspect of push notification campaigns is to become aware of like how many Smartphone and tablet owners agree to receive these messages. According to a study conducted by Bulk Push, the leading market leader of push notifications shows an opt-in rate of 71%, a clear difference between Android and iOS. For Android users, the opt-in rate is 100% because users passively agree with the download of an app, while iOS users must actively give their consent, resulting in an opt-in rate of 41%.

Facebook Messenger Push notifications

For a few months, companies have been able to send Facebook Messenger Push notifications to their customers. With 900 million monthly users and their average use of 50 minutes per day on the Messenger app or website, Facebook Messenger offers an attractive platform for customer communications, especially for those companies that do not have their own app. A Facebook Messenger Push notification appears on the desktop like a standard Facebook Web Push notification and on the Smartphone, it resembles a regular push message from the Messenger.

It is important to take note of the content of the message, as Facebook gives strict guidelines, which do not allow for the use of the messages. Thus, the dispatch of these short messages is permitted only for the customer service. Examples of a Facebook push are status messages of a parcel delivery, the dispatch of the flight ticket before the departure, or also customer satisfaction surveys.

Opt-in process

As with App and Web Push notifications, Facebook Messenger Push notifications receive consent to receive the messages. This can take place in different ways. Anyone who starts a conversation with a Facebook page is automatically considered an opt-in.

Furthermore, Facebook offers two different buttons, which can be integrated into an app or website: “Message Us” and “Send to Messenger”. The “Message Us” button redirects the user to the corporate page in the messenger, whereby the “Send to Messenger” button directly registers the consent without redirecting to the messenger page. This is especially interesting because it registers parameters such as “User ID” or “Purchase ID”.

Key features of the mobile push notification services Bulk Push offers

BulkPush automatically converts your regular push notifications into multi-optioned and cost-effective push notifications. We utilize the state-of-the-art Software Development Kit (or SDK), which offers a novel user experience, facilitating user interaction directly from the notification, real-time A/B testing and attractive layout.

Here are the key features of our world-class mobile push notification services:

Speedy broadcast to a mass of mobile devices

Our Mobile Push Notification Server is designed to send a mass of push notifications to mobile devices of all the existing operating systems of mobile devices viz. iOS, Android, Windows etc. in the twinkling of an eye! Based on your preferences, we can customise the notifications and then send them to your targeted mass.

Friendly with all types of back ends

Our push notifications are compatible with any backend viz. Dot NET, PHP, Java, Node.js—whether it is sited on-premises or in the cloud. This facilitates you to upgrade your mobile apps and get connected to your customers.

Target your customers readily with catchy tags

Send push notifications to all your targeted audiences right away or the devices via the Notification Hubs tagging feature. Tags facilitate you to section your targeted users depending on the activity, tastes, location, or preferences; with that said, you deliver the right content to the right person at the exact time.

Localisation facilitated with templates

If your app is targeted for a range of markets, the templates’ feature offer a practical way to send location-based push notifications; this way, you are touching base with the customers in their local languages. Templates also help you to get rid of the hassle of storing the localisation settings for every customer or creating a mass of tags.

Bulk Push’s Services and Features at a Glance

Bulk Push is an up-and-coming push notification services provider with a plenty of customers from different parts of the world. It has made the mark in the industry for sending thousands of push notifications messages till date. The company’s bull’s eye is on fostering ‘relationship-based marketing’ and thus aims to deliver context-sensitive message with the view to helping the users find significance in the messages.

bulkpush - mobile push notification services

While we understand that different customers have different needs, we have set up a specific and dedicated server to deal with the needs successfully. Using our award-winning push notification services, you can readily make the most of the tools, and deliver a mass of push notification messages to your targeted mass almost in a New York minute! Apart from being a service provider, we also help our customers by helping them resourcefully at every step of the usage of the system.

While we are at the cutting-edge of Push Notification Services, we invariably make efforts to deliver higher-grade solutions to our clients. On a continued basis, our team of professional is engaged in ensuring how we can furnish our clients with improved plug-ins, modules and SDKs.

At Bulk Push, we bring a variety of supported platforms such as WordPress, iOS, Android, Windows 8, Blackberry, Mac OS X, Amazon, Windows Phone and so on into use. We are also armed with a highly dedicated customer support staff who is always braced up to respond to your queries and inquiries at all round the clock. With that said, we can make sure that using our push notification systems and availing of our customer support team, your satisfaction is guaranteed.


1). User friendliness for new users – The signup process we have on our website is a piece of cake and it takes only a couple of minutes to get started.

2). Variety – We have setup a versatile system which enables sending push notifications to all major supported platforms such as Android, iOS, Blackberry, and Windows Mac OS X, Amazon etc.

3). Partition – Marketers are furnished with the facility to target and partition their targeted end users depending on the marketing gimmicks and thus offer relevant and quality content in the push notifications. They can also program push notifications in full or in batches.

4) Reporting – Users can also have a look at the innovative style reporting that assists keep a tab on their campaigns and make corrections in case of digression.

5) Dyed-in-the-wool server – For its enterprise offering, it offers a dyed-in-the-wool server instance, and enable multi-language support for an international reach.

How Marketing Your Business Through Push Notification is a Very Effective Approach

In today’s mobile-obsessed competitive world where almost every user is using mobile device so broadly, it is possible to guess that push notifications are a familiar to them. To speak volumes about this innovative mobile technology, it basically refers to concise mobile alerts. It is a commonplace that every time a new app is installed onto your Android or ios mobile device it automatically asks whether you are interested in receiving push notifications. When the alerts turn up on the mobile screen, they, in the beginning, come into view as text messages. The purport and intent of the Andriod Push Notifications is to encourage users to open the specific app and use it.

These days, it is not an out of the ordinary thing for the customers to view the different types of message alerts that pop up on their mobile screen. They are at ease and give instant, up-to-the-minute details. Push notifications are an innovative telecommunication technology featuring varied application types, but few of them are evidently all the rage and are contingent on by users.

They include:

  • Social– Gives alerts to the trendiest social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedln etc. are work wonderfully in keeping people “social” irrespective of the fact where they are.
  • News – Thankfully, considering push notifications, which come out of leading news apps, users are typically intimated about up-to-the-minute breaking news without coercing them to keep a tab on the local news or listen to the radio.
  • Sports – Which sports or sportsmen users are interested in basically, mobile users can get live alerts with regards to scoring changes, results, and every bit of sports-related news.
  • Finance – The mobile push notifications alerts related to finance are very helpful for people interested in finance industry. You can get news related to every sphere of the industry.
  • Games – Some most interesting and popular games that most mobile using children these days are interested in Angry Birds, Minecraft, Scramble with Friends, Temple Run and Candy Crush. Push Notification facilitate users to play these games readily at your own convenience and pace.

A lot of businesses with different professional backgrounds have already realized the helpful and cost-effective benefits of this notification alert system and have deployed it into their marketing campaigns as a cardinal constituent. They are reaping the benefits of this thing rapidly and are happy using the tool.

Mobile Apps- A Worthful Thing for Online Businesses

As a business owner, it must be your vision to reach your targeted consumers successfully and instantly so that you can maximize your business revenues best, enhance its visibility and a lot more. Similar to your competitors, you must also be making efforts to get the extra competitive edge and earn a conspicuous success.
Push Notification Messages


Achieving success simply by developing a business seems a far-fetched idea in the cutthroat competitive market today. The key to prodigious success for a businessperson to make his/her business a real smasher is that he/she should mold himself to the existing business scenarios and be aware of the bonafide offers to grip the attention of your targeted audience in the most effective fashion. While the internet and the mobile phone market are closely interrelated to each other these days, businesses cannot move up unless they target millions of potential consumers over the mobile internet.


How Mobile Apps is a Worthful Thing for Online Business?


No matter what your business type and the theme is, developing a smart mobile app can create a huge difference in attractive massive amount of targeted audience and create a nice for your business.


Mobile apps act effectively in helping the business persons interact with the targeted audience via SMS messages and Push Notification Messages who are often on the move.


The thing acts very powerfully in enhancing the business revenues by exposing all the up-to-date products, allegiance discounts, service coupons, or delivering promotional messages.


With an open portal for existing and would-be regulars, businesses are very likely to enhance the availability of the targeted products and services easily.


Sends reminder notifications to customers from time to time and makes sure that the messages are viewed and read.


Builds and contributes to the growth of powerful and persuasive customer relationships


Mobile apps work very elegantly to help give your business powerful brand distinctiveness. Once your customers have downloaded the Push Notification App on their Smartphones, you are, in point of fact, under their control and giving them reminder of your business repeatedly.


Keeps the brand and business image up-to-date and spanking new with state-of-the-art technologies.


Creating a pertinent and engaging mobile app can do it all. It is all about making it according to the specific requirements of your business and put it in the most tempting fashion across the targeted audience.

Mobile Push Notification App-A Great way to Market a Small-sized Business Terrifically

Marketing a business effectively is something that every businessowner earnestly hankers after, and there are different ways and technique to cater to the need successfully. One of the most fundamental and effective ways is mobile business apps which are fast coming to the front and turning out very well in marketing a business. A little time ago, when it came to utilizing these applications, it was pricey and complex, but with the innovation in technology, everything has become relatively easier and affordable for small local business owner.
Mobile Push Notification App

Push Notifications are the most cardinal constituents of your business application. This technology enables you to put your customized messages across your targeted audiences provided that they have their app installed on their mobile device. The highlight of the technology is that it has better readability than the emails, which only have a 4% read rate, where the Push Notification Messages are consistently read 97% of the time. More interestingly, a lot of these read these notifications within one hour after they receive them. With push notification, you have the opportunity to place your business in front of your targeted customers.

How to Market Your App

A plenty of tools and techniques are available to get your mobile app downloaded including offering perks in forms of discounts, freebies and loyalty programs. Marketing your app on your website, on your Google maps page combined with a variety of regular local marketing gimmicks will make sure that you get maximum coverage. You can also utilize your application on your own to make it viral and give the opportunity to inform a friend regarding the same.

Mobile business apps are just the ticket in placing local businesses in the accessibility of your local community and whilst most of the population owns a mobile phone and there are five times more phone users than computer users around the globe. Apps marketing is the potential marketing type and it is the up and coming technique to market a business particularly small-sized one.