How Push Notification App Offers a Win-Win Situation for Businesses


With more and more business continue to go mobile; application development marketplace is booming like never before. When it comes to application development, one crucial ingredient that plays a vital role is push notification. A push notification does a lot of job; including but not limited to increase targeted traffic, help you gain insights into customer behavior, foster engagement etc. With this article, we will explain some of the key reasons why businesses should use this app or in other words; How Push Notifications Help a Business


Targeted Audience

Push notifications can reach to specially targeted audience in a holistic manner. A user who is interested in an application download the app, and when the push notifications is turned on, it means the user wants to get pinpointed status and update from the app. So, Push Notifications Target Highly Important Users; who are most likely to use the services of a product from the company.

Wider Audience Base

Push notifications can reach to a wider base of audience. Almost 90 percent of audiences today use mobile apps and given the constant use of hand-held devices such as smart phone; it has become extremely important for a business to develop an application and subsequently leverage on the effectiveness of push notifications to send useful messages to their audience.

High Conversion Rate

It is probably one of the Most Important Benefits Associated with Push Notification. The click through rate is significantly greater in push notifications compared to any other types. The users; who download an application, and subsequently use an application are more likely to opt for a product and services from a company. With all these strategically important benefits mentioned, it is very simple to expect that push notifications usually have greater chance of helping a business grow.

Real-Time Communication

Businesses always need to maintain a holistic approach and keep connected with its audiences in real-time. The more direct, real-time a communication is, better is the chance for a company to retain the clients. Given the constant urge for company in this competitive world to retain its position by innovating newer measures; you need to devise real-time connected strategy with your audience and this is Why Push Notifications Work a Very Crucial Role.

The above are just some of the most important reasons why push notifications are very important for a business. To learn more how to devise push notification, please click the Website

Benefits of Geo Targeted Push Notifications

Benefits of Geo Targeted Push Notifications
Push notifications are one the most widely used mobile marketing techniques today. With the number of people using smartphones in billions, they pose an exponential opportunity for businesses to establish long-term individual relations.

Certain factors make push notifications highly effective like:

They encourage users to take immediate action
Drive real-time engagement
Facilitate easier sales and after sales support

Geo targeted Push Notifications can help you even more

At BulkPush, we always stress the importance of going local. Most people use their smartphones to gather information and make decisions about things or purchases that they make every day. Thus, these decisions are affected by their geographical locations.

This is the reason why analyzing and targeting geo targeted push notification yields better results as you tap directly into the daily patterns of potential users.

Here are more benefits of geo targeted push notifications:

Targeted Actionable Information

The idea of push notifications revolves around relaying instant call to actions to your user based on actionable information.

With geo targeting, you get more refined information to filter your marketing. This way the call to actions you devise yield higher results than your competitors

Moreover, most customer needs are local in nature. If your services intersect with them, then geo-based targeting helps you augment that part of the market for your benefit.

The Geofencing Advantage

Geofencing is a byproduct of geo targeting. It allows marketers to establish a virtual fence around a geographical area for targeted marketing efforts.

You may have already seen this on Facebook marketing dashboards where you define a certain radius in which you feel your key demographic is. This is an excellent way to leverage local preferences of users.

Now the performance depends on what actionable information you inculcate. This process is ideal for seasonal sales, surges during certain events, and particularly latest offers from startups that are looking for disruptive results.

Proximity Based Offerings

Businesses and service providers can use messages and push notifications based on geo targeting that inform customers of trending promotions, sales and events in their area.

For the end user, this is high-end value proposition. If you look at it from both ends, then it’s a win-win because the user owns the smartphone for certain technology-based privileges. You, with the geo-based proximity offers, are providing that privilege.

You provide both value and convenience. This becomes a convincing selling point and fosters a new line of loyal customers with long-term brand awareness and engagement.

BulkPush provides highly advanced geo targeted push notification services for its clients. With our devoted server, you can easily have the tools to send our notifications to millions of customers with one click.

You can choose from a diverse set of platforms including WordPress, iOs, Android, Windows, Blackberry, Mac OS X, Amazon and more. We offer indefinite pushes for all our customers using the all-inclusive accounts.

Geo Targeted Push Notifications can enhance your business by augmenting revenue from local markets. There advantages pose a big opportunity for marketers and product owners.

Contact us today to discuss how you can have a framework that works ideally for you.

How to Improve Conversions with Multi-language Push Notifications?

How to Improve Conversions with Multi-language Push Notifications?

Push notifications in this day and age are reckoned the most effective and innovative form of marketing that can make a big difference in your business sales and traffic.

The highlight of push notifications is that they enable customer, no matter where they are, to engage them with your app and push them to the exact offer they wish for.

Now without beating around the bush, let us discuss specifically how push notifications can act as a catalyst to improve conversions that you can ensure to make through your mobile app.

Here are three great ways that you can use:

Limited time offers and deals – A maximum number of people have maybe subscribed for receiving Push Notification Messages because they are interested in receiving a range of available deals from you.

Using your analytics, you can readily ensure what exactly the thing is that your target people like very much, what they have been browsing, etc. With that said, you can send them a discounted deal fitting that product.

To ensure that there can be a maximum conversion, it is well worth to limit the time range of the offer –precisely, you can include in the message that the offer is going to expires after a few days. This will work wonders for users and they take action fast, otherwise, they might fail to spot his/her opportunity.

Send reminder messages – Another great thing about push notifications is that they are the great tool to give your users reminiscence about your app. In order to meet the need, you need to send them appropriate messages that grip their attention and spark their interest.

One way through which you can meet the need is by sending them a special offer, but you can also do this by sharing an engaging tip, snippets, or anything wonderful that you guess your target audience might find engaging.

Also, never miss the opportunity to greet them on special occasions such as Happy Birthday, or Merry Christmas through messages. It is a good idea to offer them a special discount on these offers and they will be grateful to you and sing the praises of this act.

Constructive content – You can furnish your push notification message with valuable content that is not only valuable but can also enhance your engagement with your target audience and turn around more sales.

You can use your analytics to figure out what your users find appealing and customize your messaging accordingly.

Topping off

Push Notifications are the great way of mobile marketing that can play a stellar role in bringing your target users back to your app, enhance app engagement, sales and maintenance. With this in mind, there does not seem any reason why you will not give them a try.

The art of geo targeting mobile targeted groups respond intelligently and user-friendly

local push notification

In the context of position or movement data, the user’s privacy is a delicate matter. All modern Smart phones offer a separate query for the privacy of the user, whether the position is to be shared with the currently used app or mobile website. This query is correct and important because, first and foremost, we must ensure a decent and respectful use of the obtained data. When it comes to the acceptance of such data, however, we often encounter an all-too-human reaction. Quickly an app is demoted to a malicious data collector if no recognizable benefit can be extracted from a location. If the user is not willing to share his/her position, an exact targeted group approach within the geo-Location Based Push Notifications campaign, this is only possible to a limited extent. 

Technologically, the following geo-targeting methods in Push Notifications are currently used:

IP Address 

With the help of open or commercial databases, an IP address or an IP range can be converted into position data. This method is always available and cannot be switched off by the user. Depending on the database, the country/region and the actuality of the data, the IP can be used to achieve an accuracy of one postal code area or even a single state/country. This methodology is by no means commensurate with the accuracy of the systems described below but is characterized by its constant availability.

WiFi / WiMAX Positioning System (WiPS) 

With the help of open or commercial databases, nearby WLAN networks can be used to determine a position. The more WLAN networks are within reach, especially in urban areas, the more accurate is the location. It sometimes achieves very precise values ​​using mathematical methodologies, e.g. the classical method of triangulation for national surveying. Depending on the database and proprietary technology used, it is also possible to locate it in closed buildings, e.g. with the so-called IPS, which is also used in control systems. If there are no or not detected WLAN networks in the vicinity or if the WLAN module in the Smartphone is deactivated, no location is possible.

GSM base stations 

A so-called base transceiver station (BTS) is an element of the GSM mobile radio network. With the aid of databases, the position of the Smartphone can be determined from information such as MobileCountryCode, MobileNetworkCode, LocationAreaCode and Cell-ID via the nearby GSM base stations. The more base stations nearby are, the more accurate the position is. If only one base station is available, the accuracy of the positioning on the transmitter ad at the base station must be determined. In urban areas with a higher density of BTS, more precise position detection is to be assumed with the aid of triangulation. 

GPS (Global Positioning System) 

GPS coordinates provide the most accurate information in most cases but take up to 12.5 minutes from a so-called cold start to be accurate. Here, an accuracy of a few meters can be achieved, depending on the availability of the time and position signals emanating from satellites. If the Smartphone is not equipped with a GPS module, the GPS reception is switched off, or if the user is prohibited from using the GPS, this method is not suitable for locating. 

Assisted GPS 

This method combines accurate GPS tracking with “less accurate” tracking by GSM base stations or WiPS. Thus, the so-called time-to-first-fix, that is, the time that the GPS receiver needs for position determination after switching on, is significantly reduced to a few seconds and then specified with the aid of GPS coordinates. The accuracy of the positioning is therefore improved every second until it reaches the accuracy of GPS.

User-based input

Not to be forgotten are the inputs that a (registered) user enters to his home address or his current location. Outgoing from a correct input, this location provides accuracy up to street and house number. However, this information is rarely usable for a live location. The question is whether the user is really at home, etc.


Geo-location targeting is very suitable for local-relevant mobile push notification campaigns and there are reliable technical methods for obtaining position data that can be used as a basis for this. The use of Audience segments, which is gained from insights from location data, is certainly an efficiency gain for each campaign. Correctly applied here is a clear improvement of targeted group-appropriate approach possible. In fact, every advertiser already uses socio-demographic data. Here, a significant increase in efficiency is possible if these data are combined with geo-location information. The prerequisite is always to use the data in a user-friendly and data-compliant manner. 

To know more about mobile geo location based push notification services, visit our website

Push Notifications – Discussing Opt-In And Reaction Rates On Facebook

Classic push notifications

Push notifications are one of the most important communication tools in Mobile CRM. They are an efficient alternative to e-mail marketing and are much more cost-effective compared to SMS marketing.

Potential of the news

Since Smartphone owners use only a few apps on a regular basis, push notifications are an important means to increase the “retention” of users and to return them to the app. Thus, they not only can inform about changes and advertise special offers but also reduce aborted purchase transactions. On the Smartphone device, an individual is significantly more distracted and is often interrupted by calls, SMS or an e-mail received during the purchase process. A mass of companies from different professional backgrounds relies on the impact of Push Notification to lead their customers back into the app to finally carry out the purchase process.

Opt-in and reaction rates

The key aspect of push notification campaigns is to become aware of like how many Smartphone and tablet owners agree to receive these messages. According to a study conducted by Bulk Push, the leading market leader of push notifications shows an opt-in rate of 71%, a clear difference between Android and iOS. For Android users, the opt-in rate is 100% because users passively agree with the download of an app, while iOS users must actively give their consent, resulting in an opt-in rate of 41%.

Facebook Messenger Push notifications

For a few months, companies have been able to send Facebook Messenger Push notifications to their customers. With 900 million monthly users and their average use of 50 minutes per day on the Messenger app or website, Facebook Messenger offers an attractive platform for customer communications, especially for those companies that do not have their own app. A Facebook Messenger Push notification appears on the desktop like a standard Facebook Web Push notification and on the Smartphone, it resembles a regular push message from the Messenger.

It is important to take note of the content of the message, as Facebook gives strict guidelines, which do not allow for the use of the messages. Thus, the dispatch of these short messages is permitted only for the customer service. Examples of a Facebook push are status messages of a parcel delivery, the dispatch of the flight ticket before the departure, or also customer satisfaction surveys.

Opt-in process

As with App and Web Push notifications, Facebook Messenger Push notifications receive consent to receive the messages. This can take place in different ways. Anyone who starts a conversation with a Facebook page is automatically considered an opt-in.

Furthermore, Facebook offers two different buttons, which can be integrated into an app or website: “Message Us” and “Send to Messenger”. The “Message Us” button redirects the user to the corporate page in the messenger, whereby the “Send to Messenger” button directly registers the consent without redirecting to the messenger page. This is especially interesting because it registers parameters such as “User ID” or “Purchase ID”.

Six exceptional mobile marketing strategies to keep your targeted users engaged with your app

A mass of businesses is fast developing mobile apps with the view to reaching out to its targeted Smartphone users. And do you know that there is a cutthroat competition between the apps with the intention to encourage more and more users to install and make use of the app? Mobile marketing is the most effective way today to enable you to promote your app to the right group of users successfully.

And if you want to engage your users via Mobile Push Notification Services , listed below are seven tips to keep users engaged.

1. Learn who your Audiences are– As far as your knowledge about your targeted users is concerned, you most probably only know that they like your app simply because they downloaded it. However, that is not a plausible reason to keep a track of their behavior to turn up a pattern. Let us take an example about a user who is searching for new songs of a singer; he/she will love to receive push notifications about the latest book releases and bestsellers on his/her mobile device.

2. Content – You can keep your users engaged with the app by sending them new, exciting and pertinent content. You can send them blogs, links to videos downloads and more. If your content is engaging, certainly the users will be engaged with the app.

3. Timeliness – It really matters to send push notifications to a user at a suitable time. Push notifications about weekend getaways will not turn up a mass of targeted audiences on Mondays; the best way is to send the notifications on Wednesday or Thursday before a long weekend. A push notification sent timely can create a huge difference to your users’ experience and the success rate of the app.

4. Segment Users – Marketers should competently partition the users and sort out notifications sent to them in a specific order. For example, a Push Notification Services about special discount on kids’ accessories would not be live up to the mark in catering to the interests and needs of grown-up students. Likewise, a notification sent to men about a newly launched women’s salon, will fell flat in gaining any traction. Partitioning users by age, sex and other statistics can be helpful in sending them pertinent and appropriate push notifications.

5. Inbox the Notifications – If a user could not receive any push notification, it should still be available to him/her in a different place. Organize an in-app message inbox that can help readers to read the message at their convenience when they get the time to follow up on your messages.

6. Metrics Matter – Gauge the level of success your mobile marketing campaign have achieved in different dimensions. For example, if you have delivered a mobile push notification related to a newly released product/service, it strongly matters to gauge the number of users — who opened the app – looked at the product – read the reviews or features – used the promo code – added the service/product to cart – bought it and which user put an end to using the product/service. Such type of thorough mobile analytics would get a hold of more insights to tune up the app marketing strategy and carry out improved campaigns.

So just put these success mobile push notifications strategies into effect to carry out a hard-hitting push notification campaign with the view to engaging your users as well as enhancing the retention for your app. If you want to know more about the strategies, we at Bulk Push will be more than happy to assist you excellently.

Key features of the mobile push notification services Bulk Push offers

BulkPush automatically converts your regular push notifications into multi-optioned and cost-effective push notifications. We utilize the state-of-the-art Software Development Kit (or SDK), which offers a novel user experience, facilitating user interaction directly from the notification, real-time A/B testing and attractive layout.

Here are the key features of our world-class mobile push notification services:

Speedy broadcast to a mass of mobile devices

Our Mobile Push Notification Server is designed to send a mass of push notifications to mobile devices of all the existing operating systems of mobile devices viz. iOS, Android, Windows etc. in the twinkling of an eye! Based on your preferences, we can customise the notifications and then send them to your targeted mass.

Friendly with all types of back ends

Our push notifications are compatible with any backend viz. Dot NET, PHP, Java, Node.js—whether it is sited on-premises or in the cloud. This facilitates you to upgrade your mobile apps and get connected to your customers.

Target your customers readily with catchy tags

Send push notifications to all your targeted audiences right away or the devices via the Notification Hubs tagging feature. Tags facilitate you to section your targeted users depending on the activity, tastes, location, or preferences; with that said, you deliver the right content to the right person at the exact time.

Localisation facilitated with templates

If your app is targeted for a range of markets, the templates’ feature offer a practical way to send location-based push notifications; this way, you are touching base with the customers in their local languages. Templates also help you to get rid of the hassle of storing the localisation settings for every customer or creating a mass of tags.