How to Improve Your Push Notification Opt-in Rates

Learn when to ask for push notifications permissions

Request permission exactly when users want it. Many push notification service providers work only with a single aim – to get new audiences and to fulfill the goal they write unique messages, and keep on sending push notifications, without honoring the time, and value of audiences. This results immediate rejection of such push notifications from the part of users and even they stoop to uninstall such applications, which they find annoying. That is why you should know when to send push notification opt in message to your audiences. Always be remembered that your audiences only want to know and get updated about notifications that are relevant to them so make sure that the message you send is timely and relevant to your user at the moment. Sending a message; which is out of the date; even by a minute, will not yield any value.

Learn how to ask for push notification permissions

Knowing when to send push notification permission is not enough unless you know exactly how to convince your customers. Tell them in exact message in clear and concise manner and message the innate values a user will get after installing an app and receiving the push notifications. Personalized messaging is a great way to get increased support for permission from users. This lets an audience know that you are serious about them, and that your push notifications can help them receive timely and useful updates; which they themselves can use for the betterment of their life.


Users need to trust you in order to install an application and opt for push in notification. Any application should have the mandatory attribute of telling user what it does and how the user details will be treated. It is very important to tell the audience that you won’t be spamming them. Transparency refers to the entire process and system of channelizing workflow, and making sure that what you serve is according to the demand and challenges of users. Bringing transparency means you should be enough capable of making yourself simplified and that you should accurately and timely tell your audiences what you do with their resources and content. When transparency is effectively integrated into the system to enhance push notification opt-in rates; it actually works. The entire meaning of entering push notification is to make a sustained bond with your users; and thus it is very important that you know what to say and how to say to your audiences.

These are some of the simplest ways to improve the push notification opt-in rates. Promoting benefits, customizing benefits, simplifying message and channelizing the work flow by following a holistic, transparent system actually helps develop a meaningful process of increasing the opt-in rates in push notifications.

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How Push Notification Works in Andorid Based Mobile Apps?

What is a push notification?

Push notifications allow an app to notify its users of new events and messages without having to convince the user to open the application. The usefulness of such an application is that it can send audience-centric, beneficial and pinpointed notification which are more possibly to get clicked; without having to make an user feel overloaded with information. Push notifications work as always-active IP connection to forward notifications from its parent server to the mobile devices of the user.

Which are the key elements of push notification?

Trigger- A trigger – one of the vital elements within the framework of push notification can be behavior based, pre defined and rule driven.

  • User-behavior – The User-behavior is Read Only? Read/Write? Act-outside-the-App in format
  • Content Type – Content type notifications can be of Universal Vs Personalized? Lean Vs Detailed?
  • Intelligence – The intelligence element of push notifications can be of BI-Analytics

Benefits of Push Notifications

  • It helps make a communication simple
  • It can help users engage with meaningful message
  • It gives users a centralized system through which they can connect and control their message
  • It helps app developers find insight into customer behaviour
  • It is featured with ease of use
  • Other than these, there are many other useful ways notifications are changing the social means of pinpointed communication
  • Push notification process
  • Registering for the Push Service
  • Setting Permissions
  • Choose Your Push Icon
  • Add your API keys
  • Enable Push Notifications
  • Send a Test Push Notification

Sending push notification to targeted customers following proper framework and communication format in a simplified manner, using useful and properly defined measures.

Push notifications are generated using these models – developing text and context of the notification, designing proper ideas that implement the ideas, and then populating the ideas on the server for idea generation and finally; using pinpointed targeting strategic process.

The entire process of sending push notification is detailed. When it comes to using highly effective system to manually generate notification, marketers often use systematic and useful measures.

Along with iPhone; android phones are becoming one of the most useful mediums where push notifications are being sent on a daily basis. The push notifications are organizing the entire medium of communication system which held on hand-held devices.

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Push Notification Services

Do you resolve push notification services to be a ‘mobile spam’? Think again because it is absolutely not! BulkPush’s mobile push notification services bring the power of push to the broader marketing mix, delivering smart, targeted, applicable campaigns combined with your mobile marketing campaign: and several times as good as gold.

Compare all the existing technologies to drive engagement – and attract users back to the app and push notification will be at the winning edge.

Push Notifications carry out hard-hitting push notification campaigns designed on the back of our unequivocal segmentation competencies, giving reference to more pertinent and targeted notifications than ever before. Moreover, with the capability to link deeply those notifications to any location in the app, BulkPush’s Location Based Notification Services deliver the awe-inspiring experiences that are instrumental in building relationships with your mobile users.

Push Notifications can be triggered by users entering or leaving any locations you define within Bulk Push’s mobile push notification services. Characterize geo-fences within the dashboard with precision and integrate this location data into our push notification segmentation for even more significance than ever!

BulkPush automatically sets up every time when individual users most probably tend to open the app, and offers the option to send push campaigns at these times. The result which comes out, in the long run, is a repetition of response rates and marketing unequivocal success.

Delivering Instant Push Notifications for the Effectiveness of your business

At Bulk Push, the Push Notification Service we offer is staggeringly one of a kind and available to the fullest. Our services are flexible, it means that they can be customized to suit the needs of our customers very well. Also, a vast range of mobile push devices can be pushed really staggeringly promptly. We take modest pride on our core competence to share the breaking piece of news with numerous users in a few winks! That acts as a catalyst for our customers to enhance and optimize the opening rate of Apps. We work from strength to strength to meet the demands of the market offering everlasting product development.

Push Notification Service

The tag-oriented posting of Push Notifications delivers the core value to the senders and recipients. Bulk Push transmits the user optimized information and enables to jump to the conclusions about user’s activities and interests.

Ease of use and Hassle-free Integration!

The connection we at Bulk Push provide for Push Notification Service is rather basic and ease of use.

Our push notification delivery will be coupled per REST API to your App as well as your CMS. Also, the data exchange is SSL encrypted. For the CMS Escenic and WordPress, we offer a special plugin.

Our Push Notification Service is available as cloud solution (SaaS). The amalgamation of your Apps is implemented very easily via the web interface and supports autonomous and well-organized working. When you are hooking up your CMS with the Bulk Push REST-API, we are always at the drop of the hat to assist you.

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At BulkPush, delivering Mobile Push Notification has been a regular practice for several years. We have developed a variety of award-winning proprietary systems, offered cutting-edge messaging solutions, and push notification services. We support organizations from several different professional fields and business customers to be at the cutting-edge of first-rate operational messaging solutions on a shoestring budget.
Mobile Push Notification

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We are responsible for dealing with easy and complicated mobile messaging concerns and bring out an internationally available cloud API that developers can interact with to create high-tech communications systems that also act in response in real time.

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An overview of the features of BulkPush’s Mobile Notification

BulkPush offers the scalable and Universal Push Notification Platform for users to send the push notifications to the targeted audiences in a jiffy with perfection.
Here are the features of our universal push notifications platform for the users:
Push Notification Services

The platform we use is designed to undergo the bulkiest load you can ever guess. Also, our solutions are designed to support all types of existing devices.
Robustness and dependability

The Platform being tried and trusted is workable on every scale and serves customers with over 99.95% uptime.
Featuring state-of-the-art technology, our robust platform is just the thing for dependability from the ground up, by powerhouse consisting of server and push experts.

We guess we offer the fastest push platform on the market.
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A perfect fit for all

Our platform is a perfect fit for all startups that have the compelling ambition to grow to gigantic size. The costs are restrained and not out of the ordinary since the platform use is unlimited for every plan.
Based on your personal preferences, you can resolve actually how critical the notification is for your business, and choose the right speed for your pushes.
Transparent and light

There is no hem-in. That means whenever you want to get your data back, our Software Development Kit (SDK) is all the way to help you meet the need. Our SDK is lightweight and restricted to the bare minimum required. Moreover, you can access the source code if you give the commitment for a year of service.
Delivery of ultra-modern push notification services

As we exclusively deal in mobile Push Notification Services, we give you the word to offer ultra-modern push service. We want to stick to third-party revisions on push platform as soon as they come about, so that you can deliver the unparalleled experience to your users.
We still have a lot of attractive features for our users that you can check on our website and in the time to come, you will have the access to the most recent features for Android Push Notifications and iOS push notifications, with more updated features to turn up for the mobile push.

How Bulk Push is the Ideal Company for Offering Cost-Effective and High-Quality Push Notification Services.

At Bulk Push, our core competency lies in creating and delivering high-end and effective push notification services and solutions. With our award-winning push notification systems, we assist our enterprises and business customers to be at the cutting-edge of the industry without costing them a fortune.
Push Notification
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We come to terms with complicated and scribbled messaging and manifest a widely-recognized cloud API that developers can interact with to put together smart and effective communications systems that give response in real time.

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We utilize an innovative, hassle-free cloud-based messaging interface, which is able to send a mass of messages without revising the line of code.

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