Mobile Push Notification Service vs. Web Push Notification Service

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Benefits of Push Notification

Push notifications are taking the world of communication by storm. For the unintended, a push notification is a message that pops up on a mobile or desktop. There are a Good Number Of Advantages Associated With Push Notifications; such as these –

They are distinguished for developing a wider reach across internet users – Both mobile and web push notifications are distinguished for having a wider audience reach. The fact that so many people today use smartphones makes it seemingly easy for them to access notifications via their smartphone. On the other hand, the increased potentiality of web push notification through browsers and other sources make them convenient to reach web users. So, push notifications have their ability and functionality so well-managed and reachable that they can easily connect and collaborate with audiences.

High value personalization – Push notifications are known to be added, streamlined and channelized according to the requirements of your audiences. Therefore, you can easily personalize them according to your brand perspective. So, rather than investing your effort on wrong solutions; you can however invest on new media push notifications and make them promoted using different forms of mass media; with the most prominent being mobile push notification and web push notification.

Real time communication – Push notification offers an interactive form of real-time communication. When you send email to targeted set of audiences properly and in time; your audiences are most likely to visit your store becauseyou develop a sense of urgency.

Other than these, push notifications are known to have a high conversion rate, they are known to channelize communication and develop a sense of urgency.

Mobile Push Notification vs. Web Push Notification

Mobile push notifications are notifications, which you receive after downloading applications on your mobile. This kind of notifications requires users to opt-in to notification. Then, a user receives notification from mobiles.

Web Push Notifications are messages that come from a specialized website. You get them through their installation via browsers. You can receive such notifications even if you have not opened the websites.

Both these forms of push notifications are popular and known for their standalone benefits. When you choose mobile push notification over web notification, you can target audiences who eagerly use mobile and hand-held devices. Whereas; when you use web push notifications; you can easily target those audiences who use desktop and other such devices; you can easily use web push notifications.

Therefore, which type of push notification can be beneficial for you; depends on which type of audiences do you want to cater to and which are your existing resources to pinpoint those audiences.



Push Notification Benefits For Travel Industry

Push Notification Benefits For Travel Industry

Travelling helps you escape from your boredom. In past few years, travel industry has grown exponentially. Exploring new places, trying different food, meeting different people in all is a totally different experience. And because it is one of the most developing industries, the companies are using all possible marketing strategies to make this industry grow and develop more. Among the various offline and online marketing strategies, push notification has become one of the most popular marketing and promotional tool in travelling industry.

Here we are listing down few Benefits Of Push Notification that has helped travel industry grow and expand. Take a look:

  • Travel deals can be advertised easily

While planning your any travel trip, the first thing you do is start searching for your desired location on internet. Now, imagine how good it would be if you get the push notification for everything you desired for? Isn’t this will make your search process quite easy?

  • Can even help in setting booking reminders and recommendations

Because the consumers of this industry deals with lot of research before finalizing the travel deal, how good it would be if they could get the push notification that reminds them of what they have been looking for is still available?

  • They are cost effective and easy to set up

Neither they are expensive to develop nor are they hard to implement. Thus, they are the most feasible marketing and promotional option to opt for by various travel companies.

  • They are quiet secured as compared to other marketing and promotional strategies

Unlike other marketing tools and strategies, push notification never ask consumers for their private details while subscribing for them. Thus, they are the most secured and safest way of promoting travel deals.

  • They can even help customers to make their travel plans

Once you have subscribed for them, the push notifications can even provide customers with travel information aiding them in making their best travel plans.

The above mentioned obvious benefits have surely made this industry a great candidate for Push Notification Services. If used wisely and smartly, this tool can help in increasing conversions and boost customer satisfaction of travel industry.


Top Reasons Why Hotel Industry should use Push Notification Service?

Top reasons why hotel industry should use push notification service

Being one of the most powerful marketing tools, push notifications nowadays seems to be favorite of hotel industry. Encouraging guests to book and make reservations with them, many hotels have already started getting most out of it.

Reasons that have made push notification such a big hit in hotel industry-

Here we are listing down few reasons that have Made Push Notification Such A Big Hit In Hotel Industry.

Take a look:

• It gives hotels competitive edge over other competitors

Being one of the most popular in-destination marketing tool push notifications if used wisely and smartly can blow away competition easily. It reaches your guests at right time in most attractive manner that sounds more relevant to all potential guests. It is the most realistic tool which is also easy to build and maintain.

• It gives your hotel rich media capabilities

From delivering simple text message to picture and video messages; the push notification tool is an ideal medium of delivering any kind of message. This is the only medium which let you choose from various media options as per your hotel needs. So, make sure to make best use of it.

• They can easily be customized for each potential and customer client

Once you know your guests’ needs it becomes easier to use in-destination push notifications with better individual customizable feature. Giving your guests what they want in a way they desire can actually help in fetching better revenues from the bookings.

• It promises high views, reactive rates giving high relevance to your business

If used well by providing all the useful information at right time and by keeping it short, simple and direct to the point then even Push Notifications Can Promise High Views and better turn-outs. A well crafted push message can surely make it hard for the guests to opt out. So, make sure to use it smartly and build a complete strategy before actually implementing it.

If you too are in hotel industry and is looking out for ways to promote and grow your business, then don’t forget to try on push notifications for above mentioned reasons.


Silent Push Notifications Issue with iOS 11

Bulk Push

Even if an app is in the foreground and connected to power,Push Notifications are not actually delivered properly. This prevents messages from being working properly and causes user interactivity issues. While messages are sent, apps do not receive them properly. Many developers were clueless about the actual reason for this malfunction. And then, iOS11.1 Beta 2 Version For Developers; the problem gets fixed partly when you update.

However, for some despite updates and working well for some initial time; the issue recurs. This however perhaps gets fixed when used in moderation with more updates from Apple. Restart your device and the entire issue should get resolved. And for consistent issues and silent notification issues; you can contact the customer care of Apple


How Important Push Notifications Technology Is for the App Industry


Evert time your friend tags you on a photo, you receive a push notification. Every time, a marketer sends you a promotional text hoping to convert you from lead to customer; you receive a push notification. Every time, a new thing happens which you might be interested to learn, news sites sends you a push notification hoping you would read, open and take an action on it such as commenting or sharing the post.

Therefore, our life practically is invaded (for good) by push notifications. They are everywhere; and they will not leave you if they can reach you – whether you are trekking or swimming or simply having a stroll on a desert or flying.

Marketers already understand the need of push notifications; and hence they are trying out newer ways to connect and collaborate with their end users with this interactive medium of communication.

Adding notifications in an application yield a range of benefits; some of which necessarily include the following –

Push Notifications Can Multiply Engagement. They can easily inspire people to take an action, and thereby promoting the user interactivity within an application.

Push notifications give users ample chance to control how they want to be updated. In fact, they can even seek to transform the way they want to keep latest about anything. If they want not to be notified, they can simply change the settings.

Adding push notifications to application can help people pinpoint the customer behavior. Push notifications offer sophisticated ways to learn about the customer behaviors. With these data, you can effortlessly get a hold into the customer sentiments.

The ease of use is another factor for which marketers are increasingly using push notifications in applications. So, given the obvious benefits it can be reasonably concluded that push notifications when added properly into an application eco system can yield truly vital set of benefits for a business.

The only thing that requires careful evaluation when Choosing A Push Notification Solutions is that the service provider should have adequate range of solutions and that its push notifications should be properly devised. If you want to learn more about push notification solutions that work; please click the Website.


Top 10 Push Notification Service Providers – 2018


When it comes to choosing a push notification service provider; which are the core things that you consider important? Well, most marketers think that it is the quality of service, and connectivity, after sales service that matter. While these deciders are practically important, you should also consider that what people are talking. Reviews of users stand a very practical testimonial in today’s evolving world. You should categorically take into account the listings of Push Notification Service Providers across a host of top review sites.

Please find below top 10 push notification service providers in 2018



It supports various platforms, including WordPress, iOS, Android, Windows 8, Blackberry, Mac OS X, Amazon, Windows Phone and more. It has a functional and active support cells to help its users get help quickly. It guarantees that you will get your push notifications within the pre-set time, agreed upon during subscription and which is included in agreement. BULKPUSH Offers Indefinite Pushes for all our customers using the all-inclusive accounts.


BATCH is the marketing and transactional push notification company with a good number of loyal audiences. One of the key features is the Batch Insights tool that allows app owners to track push notification campaigns of their competitors on the platform. Batch is standalone for a range of reasons including High delivery speed API for users own dashboard integration A Search Engine to look up the app push notifications database etc to name a few.



Amazon Simple Notification Service was began in April, 2010 to facilitate mobile app developers work and help them to build more sophisticated apps. It has been a popular service provider for its range of useful solutions and its ability to send app push notifications to multiple platforms (iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Fire OS).



It is a full-blown mobile ad monetization network and it offer push notifications. It boasts of having more than 150,000 apps using it, and being ranked #2 on the Forbes list of Most Promising Companies in 2014. Other than providing the standard in-app monetization methods (banners, video ads, etc.) it offers push notifications and can trigger sign-ups anytime in app sessions.



It can manage push notification traffic going up to millions, through its scalable and future ready systems. You can use it as free for the basic account, and for the premium accounts, it has a number of additional powerful features including international language support, analytics support, Remote APIs, code review, location-based tagging support etc.



OneSignal is a relatively new platform, which began in March 2013. Besides being able to send push notifications to mobile devices, it supports all the biggest / most important platforms including iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8, Windows 8.1 (no word on Windows 10 just yet), Chrome Native and Web Push (Chrome, Safari, Firefox). It has gained a steady footprint for its range of benefits and effective usability



It provides mobile push messaging and location-based messaging services that enable brands to strengthen relationships with their customers. It has a number of features and a variety of useful usages. The features such as rich application pages for marketers which help them design and send compelling content to application users and other features make it a really cool push notification service provider.

Other than these top dive, here are more entries which we have ranked based on their performance, and technical edge of perfection





How to Find Creative Push Notification Services

When it comes to engaging customers with targeted, pinpointed push notification services, which are the key things that you take into consideration? While the choice of time is important, for generating better results, you also need to be defined and articulated about your text. Creative Push Notification Services can help you generate better sales and better audience engagement. Please find below some of the core ways you can develop and design pinpointed and useful creative push notification services. In this article, you will learn –

  • What is creative push notification?
  • Benefits of creative push notification.
  • How to design creative personalized push notification?
  • What is Creative Push Notification?

    Creative push notification necessarily refers to notifications that are simple and easy to read; and written according to the standalone preferences of audiences. When you send a personalized text to your audience, it is expected to generate better sales prospects and help you develop a constantly updated fraternity of loyal audience. In simple words, notifications that come with personalized text that help your audience relate them and their preferences with your brand are creative push notifications. In push notifications, you do not write for everyone in mind rather you send targeted pinpointed message to everyone separately.

    Benefits of Creative Push Notifications

  • Creative push notifications generate better sales prospects
  • They bind audiences together and they feel at home with your brand
  • These notifications can accelerate sales prospects and channelize your
  • How to Creative Personalized Push Notification?

    When it comes to Designing Personalized Push Notification, you need to be decided about a few things. It should have useful, pinpointed text depending on individual audience preferences. For example, if it is weather application, when you send a notification to a customer living in the LA area, you can mention the name of that customer in the notification and then mention the update of the weather in the area the person lives and then recommend some funny ways for the person to enjoy the day.

    When it comes to working with creative push notification, you need to write personalized and custom text, and make a story based around the physical location of the user. You need to integrate the person’s preferences and history of purchases with your brand in order to retain the customer and make sure that the entire ecosystem works, easily and with less work.