How to Choose the Best Third-Party Company to Send Push Notifications on your Android/iOS Apps

How to Choose the Best Third-Party Company to Send Push Notifications on your Android/iOS Apps

This guide is a brief but useful coverage on Android Push Notification Service Provider. Should you want to learn how to holistically compare, choose and opt for a good android push notification provider; this should be the article you need to read NOW! For any ideas, please contribute your comment.

When it comes to choosing the best third party to send push notifications on your android/iOS apps, you can literally choose from a number of options. The best is in each of these sources, you will at least initially find a reliable company; who claim to offer you top of the mark services. And, the bad thing is when it comes to practical offering of the deliverables.

Here are some of the key considerations that you should look for when it comes to choosing a third party to Send Push Notifications On Your Android And iOS Apps. Read on, and if you are developer who has met with any source you think is good in terms of serving audiences, do let us know.

Flexible, pinpointed and offers superior personalization

Flexible, pinpointed and offers superior personalization

Choose a third party company for sending push notification that reaches the defined set of audiences through advanced segmentations and trigger options. For example, it should send reactivation application push messages only to those people who have been opened the application for many days. When the entire attribute of personalization is usefully integrated into an application for delivering timely and relevant push notifications, you can expect a massive, remarkable increase and improvement in push notification opt-ins.

Allows you A/B Testing facility

Allows you A/B Testing facility

In push notifications, a lot of improvement necessarily depends on research. The better your copy and message is structured, and the better you cater to your audiences, quicker and easier you can meet their evolving needs. The company you choose should give you the scope of A/B testing. This helps you learn what engages and inspires your audiences the most so that you can deliver the proper message at the proper time.



The third party company that you choose should be able to send timely notifications in defined manner. The entire messaging campaign should be carefully designed and devised and that rather than concentrating on composing a plain message; the entire idea should be carefully reflected in a thoughtfully written, meaningful message. When it comes to timing, it means the third party company that you choose should be smart and simple enough to understand the time a specific message should be sent.

These are some of the core ideas that you need to understand before choosing a third party application for delivering push notifications. The key objective of the application is to work timely, pinpointed messages.

Choose a company that understands its audiences, sends timely and relevant messages on time, and which is good in terms of usability.

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How to Improve Your Push Notification Opt-in Rates

Learn when to ask for push notifications permissions

Request permission exactly when users want it. Many push notification service providers work only with a single aim – to get new audiences and to fulfill the goal they write unique messages, and keep on sending push notifications, without honoring the time, and value of audiences. This results immediate rejection of such push notifications from the part of users and even they stoop to uninstall such applications, which they find annoying. That is why you should know when to send push notification opt in message to your audiences. Always be remembered that your audiences only want to know and get updated about notifications that are relevant to them so make sure that the message you send is timely and relevant to your user at the moment. Sending a message; which is out of the date; even by a minute, will not yield any value.

Learn how to ask for push notification permissions

Knowing when to send push notification permission is not enough unless you know exactly how to convince your customers. Tell them in exact message in clear and concise manner and message the innate values a user will get after installing an app and receiving the push notifications. Personalized messaging is a great way to get increased support for permission from users. This lets an audience know that you are serious about them, and that your push notifications can help them receive timely and useful updates; which they themselves can use for the betterment of their life.


Users need to trust you in order to install an application and opt for push in notification. Any application should have the mandatory attribute of telling user what it does and how the user details will be treated. It is very important to tell the audience that you won’t be spamming them. Transparency refers to the entire process and system of channelizing workflow, and making sure that what you serve is according to the demand and challenges of users. Bringing transparency means you should be enough capable of making yourself simplified and that you should accurately and timely tell your audiences what you do with their resources and content. When transparency is effectively integrated into the system to enhance push notification opt-in rates; it actually works. The entire meaning of entering push notification is to make a sustained bond with your users; and thus it is very important that you know what to say and how to say to your audiences.

These are some of the simplest ways to improve the push notification opt-in rates. Promoting benefits, customizing benefits, simplifying message and channelizing the work flow by following a holistic, transparent system actually helps develop a meaningful process of increasing the opt-in rates in push notifications.

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Insights on Windows 8 Push Notification Services

Short for WNS, Windows notification service or Windows Push Notification Service is a specialized notification service designed and developed by Microsoft for all devices that are using Microsoft Windows platforms. It helps developers to send important push content or data – toast and/or tile updates – to platforms and applications that use the feature. Before we learn more about it, here are some general information and then pinpointing to it.

Improved personalized user experience

Push notifications offer a rich, highly advanced personalized application experience. The main difference between push notifications and others is that the application itself does not set the delivery schedule. In push notification, a windows 8 application is a defined and specifically a subscriber to a hosted service which initiates notifications and then delivers it to the necessary parties.

An example to this is a weather application that alerts you of a sunny day or a retail e commerce app that a product you have been looking for is available for sale. A chat application is another typical example; we are used to get toast notifications when a friend pokes at us. In each of these scenarios, a defined third party owns the notification context and it decides what is important and which messages and When To Send As Push Notifications.

How it works

There are four primary deciders for the push notifications – two are actually managed and maintained by users and two by Microsoft as part of the platforms.

  • Windows store application – is what you name a Windows 8 application
  • Cloud service – is actually a service that a user builds and it works the following
  • Keeps a track of the users and or devices which are running your app
  • Develop importantly decisive content, which is pushed to a subset of those users through notifications – either toast or tiles
  • Windows notification service – Short for WNS, Windows notifications service is actually responsible for sending notifications to defined audience
  • Notification client platforms – Short for NCP, it works with WNS or Windows notification service and then sends the notification to the application running on the given or defined device.

The architecture of windows push notification is to many extent like its earlier versions, because it consists of servers and interfaces which generate, store, maintain unique identifiers which are also commonly known as channel URL identifiers for the devices which are registered to utilize the service.

To learn more About Push Notification Services, how it works, bulk push notification services and how to design. BulkPush, we have an individual and devoted server within its system to deal with your needs efficiently. You can define targets according to the proceedings and look at your results.

How to deliver Push notification to IoT devices with Android Things


IoT devices are expected to dominate a large chunk of connected devices as early as early as 2018. But don’t simply judge them by the numbers or volumes. There are a lot to them than just their volumes and features.

IoT devices are standalone for their flexibility and potentiality to connect and collaborate with users with useful personalized experiences. Android’s new operating system for IoT – Android Things – which was previously Known as Brillo makes the integration with IoT devices simple and uncluttered by giving a high level of cross comparability with the existing flagship and migrated work system.

Android of things allows businesses to develop high-class system and applications for integrating with IoT devices using the same platform. As android of things continue to develop, more and more brands will continue to develop android things -powered IoT devices to develop smart and meaningful customer communication technologies and systems Using The Help Of Push Notifications.

This article briefly covers how to develop simple IoT device on android things and then integrate Urban Airship in a way that it can Receive And Send Push Notifications.

The key components of your IoT device will include

The key components of your IoT device will include:

  • Raspberry Pi model 3 B.
  • 10kΩ potentiometer
  • Breadboard
  • HD44780 16×2 LCD
  • Pre-cut jumper wires
  • Simple and brief steps –
  • Connect the LCD to the Raspberry Pi

When your Raspberry Pi is connected to your LCD, flash it and connect it using adb tool. It helps building the Raspberry tool from Android studio.

After connecting LCD to Raspberry, you need to make your Android project compatible by using Android Things and for that you need to add the requisite dependencies and intent filters.

After working with the LCD, you should integrate with a third party launcher to Start Sending And Receiving Push Notifications. And then integrate it in such a way that it an evenly receive and send notifications

The entire stage of the installation and making the device compatible with IoT devices with Android Things might require a comprehensive details analysis. This article briefly summarizes the key points.

Best Push Notifications practices for Mobile Marketers

bulkpush_Best Push Notifications practices for Mobile Marketers

Read the Best Practices Of Designing Great Push Notifications that work and perform really well!

Push notifications are changing the entire approach of mobile marketing. It is literally and fact-backed proven that push notifications generate better audience engagement, increased sales, higher return out of investment and best of all retain existing customers and convert new leads into prospects. All thanks to the marketing mechanism idealized and characterized by push notifications.

With changing marketing dynamics and volatile audience engagement; it has become extremely urgent for marketers to holistically channel their marketing ideas. They need to enhance their presence across platforms and channels. The more they are available online, in handheld devices, better is their chance to easily maintain a steady bond with audiences, and when it comes to mobile marketing; push notifications play a pivotal role.

But just devising strategic notifications to evenly cater to the evolving audience base is not everything. You need to be defined as a marketer about your key objectives, and working modules. With this brief article, we are covering some of the Most Important Best Practices For Mobile Marketers; which they can use in order to streamline the entire mobile marketing job, and enhance their credibility of doing businesses online.

bulkpush_. Best Practices For Mobile Marketers

Write Great Notifications

When it comes to delivering best push notifications, all you need to know is how to create an increased attention and inspiration without necessarily compromising on the overall productivity of your message. What you write matter a lot. The crispy, short, and simple your message is, better is your chance to connect and collaborate with your targeted audience. That’s why put special and increased attention on content.

Define your KPI

KPI is short for key performance indicator. User patterns and visitor volumes only give some ideas about how your entire job is doing. In order to smartly grab an idea about How Well Your Push Notification Is Doing, you can manage some other KPI as performance metrics; such as revenue or life cycle value.

Timing Matters

Push notifications act as a great instrument to engage with your key audiences, but you need to be defined about timing based on the unique demands and needs of your customers. Send them notifications exactly when they need. This multiplies the chance of getting your notifications read

Other Best Practices

  • Use words that are proven to increase attention


  • Write catchy and quick notification


  • Give your audiences simple ways to click the message


Push notifications have been changing the way businesses are being done, the simplistic notifications are actually heralding an entirely unique age of marketing which is pinpointed and customized.

Push Notifications Can Actually Be a Great Tool For Communication, and if used properly, it can lead to a number of improved marketing strategies which can help a service make new sale.

To learn more about how the notification can act like a great guide for marketers, and how to devise a practical notification for better message; please click the Website.

Push Notifications – One of the Leading Mobile App Trends of 2017

Push Notifications - One of the Leading Mobile App Trends of 2017

5 Mins Read

Mobile app trends are redefining the way we think and do marketing. The hand-held devices populated with applications can do wonders, and they can simplistically change the way a message is communicated to convey a marketing mantra. Like other years, 2017 has so far been eventful, and among the top trends that are making news include engaging customers via messaging, developing AI powered applications, integrating marketing channels into applications etc., are some of the notable trends that have been shaping the mobile application market. But among all the trends, one trend that is specifically gaining increased limelight is push notification.

Push notifications are becoming one of the highly popular ways to interact and engage with audiences.

The engagement within an application is heavily determined by a user’s decision to approve or reject push notification. “In 2015, users who enabled push notifications launched an app an average of 14.7 times per month, whereas users who did not only launched an app 5.4 times per month,” (Source)

Push Notifications

The facts and statistics clearly Hint How Popular Push Notifications Have become. In order to engage newer audiences, retain their interests and ensure they keep your informed consumers; push notifications have time and again clearly proved that it works as one of the most useful types of communication medium. Without push notifications, a mobile application cannot necessarily scale up and sustain the increased interests of its audiences.

It is a proven fact that users reply to push notifications more than other forms of communications; when it comes to making an interactive communication using the smart phone’s device. Push notifications build trust, genuinely improve user interest, and hopefully creates a sustained, trust-driven and uncomplicated mechanism that promote communication.

The increased Benefits of Push Notifications are actually making them truly unique types of marketing channel. Businesses around the world are increasingly using push notification.

The push notification emotionally connects a user with the message. The more defined, articulated and simplistic the entire push notification is, more is the chance for a user to read the message and then click on a link. The entire marketing eco system that is dominating today has edged beyond just presenting goods and services in an interactive manner. Today, in order to retain user and curve a distinctive niche than the crows and develop a winning edge, what is important is to design and develop user friendly and emotionally connecting features that work.

Push notifications develop a sense of urgency, and makes a user click on a specific link, it helps generate curiosity and most importantly help a message get straight to the audience. The mechanism through which push notifications work is simple and researches are on going to develop more user friendly push notifications that work.

To learn more about push notifications, to know how they can help you design and develop a marketing message and make a user click on a link; you might need to visit the Website.

How Push Notification App Offers a Win-Win Situation for Businesses


With more and more business continue to go mobile; application development marketplace is booming like never before. When it comes to application development, one crucial ingredient that plays a vital role is push notification. A push notification does a lot of job; including but not limited to increase targeted traffic, help you gain insights into customer behavior, foster engagement etc. With this article, we will explain some of the key reasons why businesses should use this app or in other words; How Push Notifications Help a Business


Targeted Audience

Push notifications can reach to specially targeted audience in a holistic manner. A user who is interested in an application download the app, and when the push notifications is turned on, it means the user wants to get pinpointed status and update from the app. So, Push Notifications Target Highly Important Users; who are most likely to use the services of a product from the company.

Wider Audience Base

Push notifications can reach to a wider base of audience. Almost 90 percent of audiences today use mobile apps and given the constant use of hand-held devices such as smart phone; it has become extremely important for a business to develop an application and subsequently leverage on the effectiveness of push notifications to send useful messages to their audience.

High Conversion Rate

It is probably one of the Most Important Benefits Associated with Push Notification. The click through rate is significantly greater in push notifications compared to any other types. The users; who download an application, and subsequently use an application are more likely to opt for a product and services from a company. With all these strategically important benefits mentioned, it is very simple to expect that push notifications usually have greater chance of helping a business grow.

Real-Time Communication

Businesses always need to maintain a holistic approach and keep connected with its audiences in real-time. The more direct, real-time a communication is, better is the chance for a company to retain the clients. Given the constant urge for company in this competitive world to retain its position by innovating newer measures; you need to devise real-time connected strategy with your audience and this is Why Push Notifications Work a Very Crucial Role.

The above are just some of the most important reasons why push notifications are very important for a business. To learn more how to devise push notification, please click the Website