How to attract Customers with Beacons, Geotagging and Geofencing Push notification service

How to attract Customers with Beacons, Geotagging and Geofencing Push notification service

Consumers look ahead to a flawless transition on the internet world as well as the real world. Your business can, in point of fact, can make this come to pass via location-based marketing. This marketing gimmick has been in the trend for a short time but is earning more and more prominence as time passes, thanks to Smartphone devices and social media apps that sport this feature. Location-based marketing is the type of marketing that is targeted to local mobile users limited to a certain geological region. Get the more pull of information below about how businesses should follow location-based marketing including the tips to get you started.

How Location-Based Marketing Works?

Without delving into the practical details of the location-based marketing, which typically uses a cellphone’s GPS or a cell tower surveying to resolve a person’s estimated location. It then figures out individuals who are in close proximity to your business in person. Alternatively, you can use beacons, which can give the info when someone is in the interiors of your business site or event. Take, for example, you are operating a booth at a business show. With the use of beacon technology, you can key out the individuals who actually are available at your booth and give them access to exclusive tailor-made content.

Is Location-Based Marketing the ticket for You?

Unfortunately, no it is exclusively the ticket for retailers. Location-based marketing serves a more practical purpose to your outmoded cousins who have physical locations. With this in mind, this technology can readily be utilized for mom-and-pop stores and big-box online retailers. On the other hand, if your business makes the use of internal marketing, it is all easy to integrate location-based marketing into your hard-hitting overture. Location-based marketing can be accessed in a variety of forms of permission marketing, which depends on the standard that people must opt for receiving messages from you.
Here are the four most popular types of notifications:

Text Message: If your target customer is living in close proximity of your location, a text message can be sent to their mobile device to give them alert them about a discounted sale or promotional offer.

Push Notifications: A lot of hardcore customers are excited to take delivery of world-class promotions. A user will tend to receive Push Notifications about exclusive events or a regular sale. Looking for some other blue-chip trick? Make your customers believe that you run manifold fitness centers. When a customer is within a certain surrounding area of your gym, you can give them notification to ring a bell about working out today.

Pull Notifications:  Pull Notifications utilize geo-fencing technology to attract customers to their business. An individual may be walking near a restaurant approximately at noon and take delivery of a notification that all appetizers are half-off for the next hour. This will pull in even people in who had no intention to do business with you.

Check-ins: This form of marketing is diminishing, but a lot of people are still looking into sites they visit. Social media networks that back up this marketing type include Yelp, Facebook, and FourSquare (or Swarm). For instance, if an individual checks into your gym, it is a great idea to offer them a free t-shirt.

Good Points of Location-based Marketing

Just try to guess what makes location-based marketing a rage among the mass? It is affordable and effortless to use. It enables you to tap into people’s obsessive nature by encouraging impulse purchases with the notifications you release. Not only does location-based marketing enables you to pull in new target customers, it also works efficiently in gaining insight on your existing customers by reading what they’re saying on Yelp and Facebook.

To help you get started, make sure you:

Validate your business on Google Business and Bing sites with the view to making your business find readily.

Design an incentive strategy to let customers keep returning to your business.

Ask your staff to make it a habit to check-in to the location and share it on social media.

Embolden your customers to check-in and make use of geotagging in each of their social media posts.

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How to Improve Conversions with Multi-language Push Notifications?

How to Improve Conversions with Multi-language Push Notifications?

Push notifications in this day and age are reckoned the most effective and innovative form of marketing that can make a big difference in your business sales and traffic.

The highlight of push notifications is that they enable customer, no matter where they are, to engage them with your app and push them to the exact offer they wish for.

Now without beating around the bush, let us discuss specifically how push notifications can act as a catalyst to improve conversions that you can ensure to make through your mobile app.

Here are three great ways that you can use:

Limited time offers and deals – A maximum number of people have maybe subscribed for receiving Push Notification Messages because they are interested in receiving a range of available deals from you.

Using your analytics, you can readily ensure what exactly the thing is that your target people like very much, what they have been browsing, etc. With that said, you can send them a discounted deal fitting that product.

To ensure that there can be a maximum conversion, it is well worth to limit the time range of the offer –precisely, you can include in the message that the offer is going to expires after a few days. This will work wonders for users and they take action fast, otherwise, they might fail to spot his/her opportunity.

Send reminder messages – Another great thing about push notifications is that they are the great tool to give your users reminiscence about your app. In order to meet the need, you need to send them appropriate messages that grip their attention and spark their interest.

One way through which you can meet the need is by sending them a special offer, but you can also do this by sharing an engaging tip, snippets, or anything wonderful that you guess your target audience might find engaging.

Also, never miss the opportunity to greet them on special occasions such as Happy Birthday, or Merry Christmas through messages. It is a good idea to offer them a special discount on these offers and they will be grateful to you and sing the praises of this act.

Constructive content – You can furnish your push notification message with valuable content that is not only valuable but can also enhance your engagement with your target audience and turn around more sales.

You can use your analytics to figure out what your users find appealing and customize your messaging accordingly.

Topping off

Push Notifications are the great way of mobile marketing that can play a stellar role in bringing your target users back to your app, enhance app engagement, sales and maintenance. With this in mind, there does not seem any reason why you will not give them a try.

How Emojis magnify push notification open rates?

How Emojis magnify push notification open rates?

Emojis are the valuable commodities for the mobile marketers as these act as a catalyst to increase the open rates of their push notifications to a great percentage of 85, according to a report released today.

As a matter of fact, regular push notifications are opened exclusively on 2.44 % of the time, as per the study conducted by Leanplumrand App Annie. Push notifications furnished with emoji, on the other hand, are opened at much greater rate: 4.51%. That strategy helps mobile app publishers or marketers to hook up with the target users and customers, and the same applies to the course of monetization.

Maybe a not an out of the blue bit of news; a slew of app marketers has already started using emojis lately.

According to a research, which critically appraised 5,000 push notification campaigns and 2.6 billion individual push messages, discovered that emoji-using notifications grew 163 percent from 2015 to 2016.

How emojis are instrumental in customers’ engagement.

As per the report, people’s brains give a response to emojis virtually the similar way they give a response to people’s faces. They are gestural, and with this in mind, they are processed as a poignant signal, not a commonsensical one. That gives excitement to a varied part of our brains, and therefore keeps an odd to shows the effect beyond the untainted reasoning of the message.

iOS and Android users give a response to emojis distinctly.

Emojis enhance Android Push Notification opens by over 100% whilst exclusively giving a 50% lift for iOS. Push notifications tend to have an extended subsistence in Android tray than on iOS, and as per the report’s conjecture, it is understandable that more time will be required to see the notifications and open them.

Similar factors may be at play for in-app messages.

Apps that make use of emojis in in-app messages are very likely to witness a dramatic rise in the engagement by more than 8%, as per the report obtained. And one app witnessed a surge in retention too, with a 28% hike in day-two retention.

Undoubtedly, emojis are just the ticket.

However, with the view to receiving orders-of-magnitude improved open rates make sure that your Push Notifications are customized in response to user behavior.

Do Push Notifications Actually Boost ROI?

Do Push Notifications Actually Boost ROI?
So if you are looking to manipulate an app marketing strategy and guessing that those trivial push notifications delivered by the app are not a big deal, well at this critical point, you should take note of the fact that big things typically come in small packages. Without beating around the bush, let us understand why those push notifications are in point of fact such a big deal.

1. Connect with users when it indeed matters

Event-based Push triggers are instrumental for ecommerce brands in connecting them with their target audiences when it indeed matters. For instance, Push notifications are the great tools for users to give notifications about a flash sale, send them reminder about a product/service they have omitted in the shopping cart, check-in with them when they have been lax for a short time.  In fact, roughly 35% users typically give a response to drop-off triggers.

2. Directly engage with your users

Push notifications are the launch pad, which helps clients to engage with their users straightforwardly. Also, these messages are not caught in spam filters or get covered in an inbox. Latest researches are of the verdict that the click-through rate is as double as that of a time-honored email. Push notifications can be either transactional or engagement oriented in nature. They can be in touch with anything from a buying receipt to a sports match score to the state-of-the-art news to a promotional offer depending on the nature of the app and business. In the end, you can use it to encourage your brand in a smart fashion and create value.

3. Cost

With regards to cost, push notification services are the ideal choice as they do not have any ad spends attached. Yet push notifications enable you to put together 1:1 contextual engagements that can ultimately result in conversions. For example, Push notifications are the great way to help in product detection for a new-to-app user whereas it is an amazing retargeting tool when you are targeting slumps. With the use of the right automation platform, push notifications can be customized well to reach the right user with the right message and at the nick of time.

4. Opt-in/Opt-Out

The opt-in/opt-out Feature of Push Notifications furnishes users with an out-and-out control over which apps send them notifications and may also enable them state what kind of notifications they are interested in receive. This enables the push notifications to lead far higher than the standard text messages that are highly pushy and that typically come unwanted. A regular user is generally at more ease to receive these messages and with that said, it is a great facilitator for higher user subscriptions giving an opportunity to get to a superior target audience.

5. Go push messaging!

Push notification is a dominant channel to aid you in standing your app out and enhance your app business. The idea is to consider it as an advantage and not a right; influence it considerately to alter user perception with regards to these notifications and witness your business stepping up! If you have already calculated the same, you are already taking over your competition! 

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4 distinct ways push notifications can turn around a business marketing campaign

4 distinct ways push notifications can turn around a business marketing campaign
There is a varied mix of communication modes that have surfaced recently as one of the most effective ways to connect a brand with its target audiences. One of them is Push notifications, its services are just the ticket to help the brand keep in the reminiscence of their target customers whist furnishing them with bang-up and valued information.

Incidentally, push notifications, if used the right way, can put a constructive effect on users and their app usage as well.

If you are searching for ways to perfect your marketing initiative, push notification is the thing. Here are a handful of ways through which you make the most of push notifications services and attract your target audience towards your app.

Up-to-the-minute alerts

If you want to render your customers with appropriate and up-to-the-minute information about your company, push notifications come in handy. Harnessing the power of push notifications, you can send valuable information such as promotions, offers etc. to your target customers or let them know when an item they have been looking for will be back to stock, is on sale or not, or is about to go out of stock. Companies can make the most of these notifications to help keep the customers informed in an up-to-date fashion. 


As already mentioned, Push Notification Apps are the great way to be in touch with your target customers. The apps let the customers learn at its end when a commodity will be available in the store even if they are not looking for the app. Push notifications are a helpful way to keep in touch with its target customers, and render them with the worthy information that matters to them.

Delivers valuable reminders

Push notifications again render the customers of a business with valuable information that can facilitate their lives easier, and your customers will bestow special thanks to you for the service. Another exemplar of sending such valuable reminder push notification is Bulk Push’s notifications app, which gives notifications to retailers when supplier-sponsored marketing funds are on the verge of expiration.

Target marketing

This innovative app is again the thing when it comes to informing target customers of a business with respect to sales, out-of-this-world offers, and promotions. Also, how much better would this be if you could tell customers of these deals when they walk into a certain location range? Push notifications based on customers’ location, in general, are largely effective.


If you want to make the most of push notification services really very well, it is very necessary that you are mindful and thoughtful of your target customers. Be cognizant of what and when you send to your target audience. Also, steer clear of sending messages too often to your customers. Keep in mind that your target customers will appreciate receiving relevant notifications but irrelevant messages will only irritate your customer but also most likely end up with taking you from their list.

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How To boost Mobile Usage and Retention through Push Notification Services

Push notification services, if tactically used, can make a big difference in giving reminiscence about your target app to your target users. However, while using push notifications make sure that you send only relevant messages and to a limited degree, as irrelevant notifications sent frequently can easily get on your app users’ nerves. Also, sending relevant messages sporadically will not connect your brand to your target audience. In both cases, your users are highly likely to end up removing your app sooner or later.

216 bulkpush

Below are the five specific push notifications strategies that will make a big difference to you in boosting your mobile usage and retention:

  1. Get the opt-In

Hopefully, you are already aware of the significance of the first impression in every walk of life. That means in both day-to-day life as well as business life, you will not get another chance to make a first impression. If your target users get a second-rate experience at your end, they will not show any hesitation to remove your app. You’re on-boarding should as a result be well-crafted and based on a hard-hitting strategy.
Before you actually set out to chew on your push notification content, it is worth the idea to get your iOS users to opt-in to push.

  1. Leverage customization

According to a recently conducted survey, we at BulkPush found that push notification messages inclusive of custom-made content witness 4 times the open rate of generic messages. It is strongly recommended that you use segmentation and customization of messages for your target users. This will enable you to create a variety of content strategies as per the type of profile that you are targeting.

Depending on the pre-install and post-install mechanism, you will be able to resolve the user’s lifecycle and the wide range of stages that your target users are passing through while navigating your app.

There from, you can put the process of segmentation into practice to customize your messages based on the phases your users are going through.

  1. Focus on using limited-time offers

A remarkable strategy to keep your users engaged to your brand is to encourage them to avail of limited-time offers. First of all, it is important to determine what would be immensely useful to your target users and what will encourage them to open your app again and again. Once you have worked out your offer, it strongly matters to turn up the right balance and the substantial tone.

Make sure to stay away from abusing this type of message albeit and turn up the right amount based on your offer, your target users etc. Keep in mind, these should be offers that are limited by time and not become a hit and miss communication.

  1. Ask for app updates

Another marvelous way of using push notifications services is to make your users familiar with new app updates. As a matter of fact, a large number of users do not have the automatic app updates turned on because of bad luck, they are maybe missing the newly updated features or incorporations that you have added.

By the way, the sincere efforts you have made naturally deserve to be noticed. An available opportunity for you is to create a personalized push notification message that showcases the benefit of your new updates. In the same vein of the onboarding pre-ask page, you can create an engaging and custom-made message to request your users to update your app, and therefore, to stay engaged.

  1. Let your target users know that you missed them

It is not an out of the ordinary fact that some of your hardcore customers, who have already used your app repeatedly for a specific period, significantly bring it to a standstill to never return. Considering the sharply growing fierce competition, it would not be an out of the ordinary thing to witness your hardcore customers to betray you and start using another app resembling yours to a great extent.

Do not feel down in the dumps albeit because you still have the opportunity to show them that your app is just one of a kind. You can again pull in your inactive users by sending them a custom-made push notification message. The content of the message should be inclusive of the information like you miss them really badly along with a request to return to the app and go through its new features, design, etc.

Wrapping up

Push notifications are just the ticket to help you develop your app business and minimize your churn. If used ingeniously, push messages can indeed change the way your users look at and use your app. Hopefully, the aforesaid five strategies will make a big difference to you in engage you with your target app users in a remarkable fashion.

How mobile push notification services are effective in actual

How mobile push notification services are effective in actual
Push notifications are one of the wondrously fast growing modes of mobile marketing that are largely used by all types and sizes of ecommerce companies to get engaged with the targeted users and promote their services and products very well. Mobile push notifications work on Smartphone exclusively. According to a recent study conducted by professionals, mobile push notifications are able to create up to three times more engagement with the applications. Admittedly, two key reasons for the same are as follows:

It is quite common these days for the mass to carry their Smartphones on them all the time
Push notifications are received on the appeal of the publisher; not the user. This prompts individuals to check their mobile devices when they receive one.

Push Notifications augment the engagement and retention – Push notifications give rise to 26% higher mobile app open rates and 92% higher retention rates.

We at Bulk Push conducted a research to resolve how push notifications are effective to impinge on retention rate and app engagement. They determined to compare the statistics of users who opted-in against those who did not for 6-month duration.

Our follow-up research conducted again after 6 months for the users after they had downloaded the app led us to jump to the conclusion that more than 40% of users who received push notifications on their mobile devices were still using the app. On the other hand, the individual who did not opt in for receiving push notifications were only 20% and still using the app.

Push notifications are better than email – According to a research made by us at Bulk Push, the open rates for push notifications range from 20% to 60%, while the interaction rates run as high as 40%. In similarity, the average open rate for email is 20%, and the standard click-through rate is merely 6%.

This directs to the fact that, in general, push notifications are 2 times more effective than email campaigns.

Push notifications lead to enhanced sales – 50% of the people that readily give their consent to receive push notifications do it with the view to gaining access to astonishing offers. In plain words, these individual cross their fingers to purchase from you.

This signifies that you have maximum improved odds to convert if you use your analytics and segment your messages.