How Push Notification Works in Andorid Based Mobile Apps?

What is a push notification?

Push notifications allow an app to notify its users of new events and messages without having to convince the user to open the application. The usefulness of such an application is that it can send audience-centric, beneficial and pinpointed notification which are more possibly to get clicked; without having to make an user feel overloaded with information. Push notifications work as always-active IP connection to forward notifications from its parent server to the mobile devices of the user.

Which are the key elements of push notification?

Trigger- A trigger – one of the vital elements within the framework of push notification can be behavior based, pre defined and rule driven.

  • User-behavior – The User-behavior is Read Only? Read/Write? Act-outside-the-App in format
  • Content Type – Content type notifications can be of Universal Vs Personalized? Lean Vs Detailed?
  • Intelligence – The intelligence element of push notifications can be of BI-Analytics

Benefits of Push Notifications

  • It helps make a communication simple
  • It can help users engage with meaningful message
  • It gives users a centralized system through which they can connect and control their message
  • It helps app developers find insight into customer behaviour
  • It is featured with ease of use
  • Other than these, there are many other useful ways notifications are changing the social means of pinpointed communication
  • Push notification process
  • Registering for the Push Service
  • Setting Permissions
  • Choose Your Push Icon
  • Add your API keys
  • Enable Push Notifications
  • Send a Test Push Notification

Sending push notification to targeted customers following proper framework and communication format in a simplified manner, using useful and properly defined measures.

Push notifications are generated using these models – developing text and context of the notification, designing proper ideas that implement the ideas, and then populating the ideas on the server for idea generation and finally; using pinpointed targeting strategic process.

The entire process of sending push notification is detailed. When it comes to using highly effective system to manually generate notification, marketers often use systematic and useful measures.

Along with iPhone; android phones are becoming one of the most useful mediums where push notifications are being sent on a daily basis. The push notifications are organizing the entire medium of communication system which held on hand-held devices.

How to Use Push Notifications to Increase Customer Engagement

Push notifications offer a great way to communicate with your target audience. Research conducted on standalone behaviors of customers point out that 52 percent of Smartphone users have push notifications enabled on their devices.

  • Helping your target audience to direct to your social media channel
  • Promoting products and services
  • Developing trust and reputation
  • Engaging users who are presently unavailable on your website
  • Restoring the carts which were abandoned

There are a number of meaningful ways to engage your audience using push notifications; some of which we are mentioning below –

  • Grow your opt-in percentage with adequate pitch
  • Schedule notifications based on geo-location
  • Know which is the best time of the day to send push notifications
  • Tailor-design the notifications based on users’ interests
  • Track how your notifications are fairing using statistics
Grow your opt-in percentage with adequate

Push notifications are used by a good number of marketers; but do you think all of them score equally better? Those brands or startups that craft very useful, simple and effective message only manage to get installed and subsequently they send the push notifications to users. So, to pitch targeted audience adequately ; you should pitch well-drafted messages.

Schedule notifications based on geo-location

Target audiences based info count! If you research adequately about the location of audiences, and then send useful content based about the location and geography and their preferences, more opt ins can be expected. If you are selling pizza in London, would it make any sense to send push notifications to people located in USA?

Know Which is the Best Time of The Day to Send Push Notifications

It is not very useful to send push notifications anytime of the day. Instead and rather, it is very important to send specialized info at strategic time. You cannot expect office goers to like and click your notification about happy hours during weekdays. However, if you send them the notification during Friday evening; should we need to say it will perhaps generate better user engagement?

Tailor-Design the Notifications Based on Users’ Interests

As we mentioned; it is very crucial that you tailor design your notification based on your users interests. The specific topics that interest your users need to be defined. The better your messages are drafted and unique your ideas are presented; better is the scope for you to connect and collaborate with your audiences.

Track How Your Notifications are Fairing Using Statistics

When it comes to gaining the most out of the statistics; you need to be defined about what your goals are and how do you want to score. The specific statistics need to be evaluated in order to find out which type of push notifications are doing well and which types need more editing.

Bonus Tips and Summary of the Article

  • Offer high value content that solves users’ issues
  • Push notifications that interest your users
  • Communicate intimate form of communication

How Web Push Notifications Add Value To Your Business?

How Web Push Notifications Add Value To Your Business?
Web Push Notifications, also known as, browser push notifications are short and quick messages directly sent to a user’s devices – be it a laptop, desktop, smart phone or tablet. The notifications are sent to those who subscribed for the notifications. To get the notifications, it is not mandatory for a user to browse the website. When subscribed; they automatically start receiving the updates when the website sends out the notifications. The main idea behind these notifications is to ensure visitors come back to the website.

Once a user subscribes for the notifications, he will start receiving the notifications. Users don’t have to be on your website to receive and click on the notifications. The core proposition of web push notifications is to bring back users to the website.

Push notifications are completely permission-based so there is almost no room for spamming. Push notifications can improve the conversion rate by multiples, help marketers access hands-on statistics and calculative insights into user behaviour. Push notifications act as a holistic means of reaching out to targeted audience in a simple, permissible, and user-friendly manner. It is a complimentary communication channel.

There are some awesome ways to increase and improve your web push notification opt-in rates

Offer a comprehensively clear and simple value proposition

Develop a two or three tap opt-in process. In other words, multiply the scope to engage users.

Always try to develop it in a contextual manner

Write clear, concise, problem solving, and value text

Wear your design and text some personality

Maintain a soberly frequent yet non-invasive frequency

Also, ensure that it is easier for users to opt out

In simple words, Push Notifications means better opt-in rates, high click through rates, improved user experience. The advantages of using push notifications for communication include they can be highly personalized, they are visually appealing, they enjoy highly improved and great delivery mechanism.

If used in a holistic manner and using ideas; push notifications can improve value to businesses. Marketers are using push notifications in a variety of ways so that these can add high value to their businesses.


When it comes to retargeting a particular set of audience or even targeting it using the most simple and ethical means of communication system, retargeting through push notifications work!

Content marketing

Content marketing is one of the most highly useful means of marketing today. Using push notifications, you can easily target specialized set of audiences through content marketing.

Product updates and announcements

Push notifications can be used to smartly and in real time inform targeted audiences about new product launches and updates.

Engagement and retention

Push notifications can improve user retention with the help of smart and simple product updates and announcements

Flash sales

These notifications can also be used for flash sales. Push notifications are a quick way to inform and entertain audiences.

These are some of the ways push notifications can be used to improve business value!

Benefits of Geo Targeted Push Notifications

Benefits of Geo Targeted Push Notifications
Push notifications are one the most widely used mobile marketing techniques today. With the number of people using smartphones in billions, they pose an exponential opportunity for businesses to establish long-term individual relations.

Certain factors make push notifications highly effective like:

They encourage users to take immediate action
Drive real-time engagement
Facilitate easier sales and after sales support

Geo targeted Push Notifications can help you even more

At BulkPush, we always stress the importance of going local. Most people use their smartphones to gather information and make decisions about things or purchases that they make every day. Thus, these decisions are affected by their geographical locations.

This is the reason why analyzing and targeting geo targeted push notification yields better results as you tap directly into the daily patterns of potential users.

Here are more benefits of geo targeted push notifications:

Targeted Actionable Information

The idea of push notifications revolves around relaying instant call to actions to your user based on actionable information.

With geo targeting, you get more refined information to filter your marketing. This way the call to actions you devise yield higher results than your competitors

Moreover, most customer needs are local in nature. If your services intersect with them, then geo-based targeting helps you augment that part of the market for your benefit.

The Geofencing Advantage

Geofencing is a byproduct of geo targeting. It allows marketers to establish a virtual fence around a geographical area for targeted marketing efforts.

You may have already seen this on Facebook marketing dashboards where you define a certain radius in which you feel your key demographic is. This is an excellent way to leverage local preferences of users.

Now the performance depends on what actionable information you inculcate. This process is ideal for seasonal sales, surges during certain events, and particularly latest offers from startups that are looking for disruptive results.

Proximity Based Offerings

Businesses and service providers can use messages and push notifications based on geo targeting that inform customers of trending promotions, sales and events in their area.

For the end user, this is high-end value proposition. If you look at it from both ends, then it’s a win-win because the user owns the smartphone for certain technology-based privileges. You, with the geo-based proximity offers, are providing that privilege.

You provide both value and convenience. This becomes a convincing selling point and fosters a new line of loyal customers with long-term brand awareness and engagement.

BulkPush provides highly advanced geo targeted push notification services for its clients. With our devoted server, you can easily have the tools to send our notifications to millions of customers with one click.

You can choose from a diverse set of platforms including WordPress, iOs, Android, Windows, Blackberry, Mac OS X, Amazon and more. We offer indefinite pushes for all our customers using the all-inclusive accounts.

Geo Targeted Push Notifications can enhance your business by augmenting revenue from local markets. There advantages pose a big opportunity for marketers and product owners.

Contact us today to discuss how you can have a framework that works ideally for you.

How Multi-Platform Push Notification Increases Sales?

How Multi-Platform Push Notification Increases Sales?

These days, it has become quite common for virtually every mobile app and website to start making the use of Push Notifications. However, it is a matter of fact that the standard attention span of customers has plummeted. So, simply using a single push notification will not live up to the mark. It is a must to start using Multi-platform Push Notifications to capitalize on the benefits they offer and ensure that they are being used the right way.

Here is How Multi-Platform Push Notification Can Increase Sales:

A clear and laconic message:

The character limit for a single notification typically ranges from 40 to 120 based on the Operating System it uses. This makes framing a widespread yet a useful message all the way considerable. The Push Notifications must push the reader for taking some action. Simply informing them of an event will not cater to the need; the message should give them clear-cut information of the clear-cut benefits entailed in clicking on the notification.

Delivered at the right time:

Delivery is a key aspect when it involves increasing sales through multi platforms. It is quite easy to send notifications in a specific batch. However, if the time zone of the subscriber is not well thought-out then it is pointless to send these out. Given the fact that the subscriber is meant to click on these notifications right away, the sender must nail the timing.

Must not be too frequent:

Web push notifications are rather simple to opt in. However, if sent out several times a day, they can be opted out of subscription without a second thought by the customers. Hence, meticulously planned messages sent tactically over the course of the day will work wonders than sending limitless notifications every hour.

Personalised as per the needs of the subscriber:

It is essential to resolve what the customer is expecting from the website. Generic messages that are inappropriate will end in smoke without giving any benefit to anyone. As a result, it is a must for the sender to look at the subscriber’s preferences by using segmentation. A great way to assign a category to customers is to request their preferences while opting-in. Another more extraordinary way is to keep a tab on their internet activity – the web pages they visit, what products/services they are searching for. The entire information can aid you split up your customer base pockets that must be as narrowly defined as possible.

The click-rate for these notifications should not be the solely tracked feature:

A plenty of webmasters put this part out of their mind. It is easy to feel overjoyed with high click-rates and pay no attention to the study of actual results. While it is easy to get preoccupied with this evident success, the sender must keep in mind that there are improved metrics that should be given heed to. Some of these metrics include a number of form fills, a number of actual buying and a number of ad clicks.

Hopefully, the aforesaid strategies of Multi-platform Push Notifications can increase your business sales.

5 Rules to Make Great Push Notifications!

5 Rules to Make Great Push Notifications!
Running a business without exploiting the power of mobile push technology in this cut-throat competition to your advantage simply directs to the fact that you have not been able to capitalize on the opportunity to reach your target audiences and receiving maximum ROI. Email, although is still in vogue, is yet not utilized much. With spam filters filtering out several email marketing messages on a regular basis, and in the wake of receiving a string of emails, email marketing is diminishing over time. Text messaging, on the other hand, offers fantastic potential, but consumers are typically hesitant to offer their phone numbers and subscribe. Push technology utilizes text messages and if correctly used is guaranteed to offer superb potential. 

Here are five salient rules for marketers to effectively make the most of the push technology:

1. Value does matter

When you are combining Push Technology With Your Marketing Campaign, ensure the notifications you send echo along with your users. If a notification is of not any essence to your users, there does not seem any reason they will tend to receive it. Consider importantly when you send a notification to a user, it is a hurdle. Ensure that it is worth the value, or you susceptible to lose your users.

2. Relevancy is important

The content of push notification should not only be valuable but it should also be relevant. It will be your misapprehension if you consider both value and relevance to be the same entity as there is a slight difference between the two. Each and every notification that you send to your users should be inclusive of data and should be according to what you already are aware of them. Take the time to guess what your users have downloaded, bought or shared in the time what went before. Location, alongside other information, is specifically instrumental in resolving relevancy for notifications.

3. Keep up brand uniformity

Keep in mind that your Push Notifications should act as an extension of every marketing channel. Ensure unavoidably that your brand is reliable across the board. Take the time to take a seat and chew on the most appealing and convincing voice to utilize for your push notifications. The result will be uniformity and a better rewarding experience for your users.

4. Give an appealing experience

Chew on the reasons why your users subscribe to push notifications. After all, you want your users to gladly receive your Mobile Push Notifications. A great way to achieve the goals is to offer your users well-timed and relevant information so they can know about sports scores, breaking news, special deals, etc. Keep your notifications unique, engaging, and convincing.

5. Develop over time

As with all types of marketing around, it is important to keep a tab on the open rates of your push notifications. This is a great way to help you in resolving which notifications sound better with your users and which are ineffective. Depending on this data, tweak your notifications to ensure a more appealing experience for users. Leading push notification companies such as BulkPush makes it feasible for you to readily keep a tab on analytics, for example, open rate and more.

How to attract Customers with Beacons, Geotagging and Geofencing Push notification service

How to attract Customers with Beacons, Geotagging and Geofencing Push notification service

Consumers look ahead to a flawless transition on the internet world as well as the real world. Your business can, in point of fact, can make this come to pass via location-based marketing. This marketing gimmick has been in the trend for a short time but is earning more and more prominence as time passes, thanks to Smartphone devices and social media apps that sport this feature. Location-based marketing is the type of marketing that is targeted to local mobile users limited to a certain geological region. Get the more pull of information below about how businesses should follow location-based marketing including the tips to get you started.

How Location-Based Marketing Works?

Without delving into the practical details of the location-based marketing, which typically uses a cellphone’s GPS or a cell tower surveying to resolve a person’s estimated location. It then figures out individuals who are in close proximity to your business in person. Alternatively, you can use beacons, which can give the info when someone is in the interiors of your business site or event. Take, for example, you are operating a booth at a business show. With the use of beacon technology, you can key out the individuals who actually are available at your booth and give them access to exclusive tailor-made content.

Is Location-Based Marketing the ticket for You?

Unfortunately, no it is exclusively the ticket for retailers. Location-based marketing serves a more practical purpose to your outmoded cousins who have physical locations. With this in mind, this technology can readily be utilized for mom-and-pop stores and big-box online retailers. On the other hand, if your business makes the use of internal marketing, it is all easy to integrate location-based marketing into your hard-hitting overture. Location-based marketing can be accessed in a variety of forms of permission marketing, which depends on the standard that people must opt for receiving messages from you.
Here are the four most popular types of notifications:

Text Message: If your target customer is living in close proximity of your location, a text message can be sent to their mobile device to give them alert them about a discounted sale or promotional offer.

Push Notifications: A lot of hardcore customers are excited to take delivery of world-class promotions. A user will tend to receive Push Notifications about exclusive events or a regular sale. Looking for some other blue-chip trick? Make your customers believe that you run manifold fitness centers. When a customer is within a certain surrounding area of your gym, you can give them notification to ring a bell about working out today.

Pull Notifications:  Pull Notifications utilize geo-fencing technology to attract customers to their business. An individual may be walking near a restaurant approximately at noon and take delivery of a notification that all appetizers are half-off for the next hour. This will pull in even people in who had no intention to do business with you.

Check-ins: This form of marketing is diminishing, but a lot of people are still looking into sites they visit. Social media networks that back up this marketing type include Yelp, Facebook, and FourSquare (or Swarm). For instance, if an individual checks into your gym, it is a great idea to offer them a free t-shirt.

Good Points of Location-based Marketing

Just try to guess what makes location-based marketing a rage among the mass? It is affordable and effortless to use. It enables you to tap into people’s obsessive nature by encouraging impulse purchases with the notifications you release. Not only does location-based marketing enables you to pull in new target customers, it also works efficiently in gaining insight on your existing customers by reading what they’re saying on Yelp and Facebook.

To help you get started, make sure you:

Validate your business on Google Business and Bing sites with the view to making your business find readily.

Design an incentive strategy to let customers keep returning to your business.

Ask your staff to make it a habit to check-in to the location and share it on social media.

Embolden your customers to check-in and make use of geotagging in each of their social media posts.

Looking for a professional Push Notification assistance to take your business at the helm of demand and popularity? If yes, then get in touch with us at Bulk Push today to achieve the need efficiently.