How Mobile Push Notifications Work?

Mobile Push

Push notification is referred to as a type of notification, which is pushed, from backend apps or server to UI (user interface) such as a mobile application or desktop application.

Before we learn the different aspects of mobile push notification, let us first understand what are push notifications and their different aspects –

A push notification is a type of standalone message that pops up on a cell phone, desktop and laptops.

App advertisers can deliver push notifications or a Web Service Push Notifications at any point of time and customers do not necessarily need to use the devices to receive the notification.

Push notifications can be helpful because they can develop a sense of urgency. This acts in positive for marketers and brand developers. By creating a sense of urgency, they can necessarily channelize a brand’s message, and make a customer quickly take an action.

Mobile Push Notifications are increasingly gaining popularity because the smartphone usage is becoming extremely popular around the world.

Push notifications can be sent to both mobile and desktop customers. The entire process of How Push Notifications Work For Android and iOS requires extensive coverage. Usually, with the help of third party installation and server, advertisers send notifications to an application. Depending on the location, and targeted third party systems, advertisers send notification and depending on the response rate; they enhance the messaging process.

With the help of a professional service provider; you can send notifications easily; and necessarily effortlessly!



Push Notification Benefits For Travel Industry

Push Notification Benefits For Travel Industry

Travelling helps you escape from your boredom. In past few years, travel industry has grown exponentially. Exploring new places, trying different food, meeting different people in all is a totally different experience. And because it is one of the most developing industries, the companies are using all possible marketing strategies to make this industry grow and develop more. Among the various offline and online marketing strategies, push notification has become one of the most popular marketing and promotional tool in travelling industry.

Here we are listing down few Benefits Of Push Notification that has helped travel industry grow and expand. Take a look:

  • Travel deals can be advertised easily

While planning your any travel trip, the first thing you do is start searching for your desired location on internet. Now, imagine how good it would be if you get the push notification for everything you desired for? Isn’t this will make your search process quite easy?

  • Can even help in setting booking reminders and recommendations

Because the consumers of this industry deals with lot of research before finalizing the travel deal, how good it would be if they could get the push notification that reminds them of what they have been looking for is still available?

  • They are cost effective and easy to set up

Neither they are expensive to develop nor are they hard to implement. Thus, they are the most feasible marketing and promotional option to opt for by various travel companies.

  • They are quiet secured as compared to other marketing and promotional strategies

Unlike other marketing tools and strategies, push notification never ask consumers for their private details while subscribing for them. Thus, they are the most secured and safest way of promoting travel deals.

  • They can even help customers to make their travel plans

Once you have subscribed for them, the push notifications can even provide customers with travel information aiding them in making their best travel plans.

The above mentioned obvious benefits have surely made this industry a great candidate for Push Notification Services. If used wisely and smartly, this tool can help in increasing conversions and boost customer satisfaction of travel industry.


How Mobile Push Notifications more effective than SMS Marketing?


Both push notifications and SMS have their distinctive presence and are proven extremely important in today’s volatile marketing eco system. Although each of the marketing mix has its unique benefits and features, research conducted on people’s preferred method in receiving communication matters related to an offer or discounts say that people want to get notified by emails, app notification, SMS.

But in terms of Popularity And Marketing Mix Of Strategic Ideas, it has been seen that push notifications are doing really well compared to SMS marketing. Users of hand-held devices are preferring to choose standalone ways to receive updated info from mobile apps notifications. They rock because of simplistic method, quick processing.

When it comes to sending targeted audience pinpointed messages on time; without having to worry about literally anything such as time and money constraint, the number one thing that needs to be taken into consideration is the simplicity of sending messages. Push notifications are scoring well than the rest in terms of targeting pinpointed segments of defined audiences, and people are more likely to open up their notifications than reading an SMS.

Also, when you Compare Push Notifications With Emails, although emails have a greater scope to get clicked; but they are not as effective as a push notifications. The email might hit the spam folder or your audience might not necessarily read an email thinking you are spamming; whereas push notifications arrive when a user asks to receive it. It is direct, simple and more beneficial form of communication.

Now, when Compared To SMS, Push Notifications work because SMS are traditional forms of communication, they might not be the most effective way to promote a product and service, they are not always the perfect way to connect and collaborate with your audiences.

Moreover; you can not necessarily expect to have great conversion when you solely depend on SMS as your core marketing channel. SMS notifications are little old age, and people are remarkably opting for newer ways to get connected. So, push notifications work as a viable alternative towards the change.

Moreover, a user might not want to receive SMS from a brand whereas push notifications as we mentioned earlier are sent when user expect to receive notification. So, comparing all the necessary factors; it is a proven fact that push notifications are always more beneficial, and effective!


How to Use Push Notifications to Increase Customer Engagement

Push notifications offer a great way to communicate with your target audience. Research conducted on standalone behaviors of customers point out that 52 percent of Smartphone users have push notifications enabled on their devices.

  • Helping your target audience to direct to your social media channel
  • Promoting products and services
  • Developing trust and reputation
  • Engaging users who are presently unavailable on your website
  • Restoring the carts which were abandoned

There are a number of meaningful ways to engage your audience using push notifications; some of which we are mentioning below –

  • Grow your opt-in percentage with adequate pitch
  • Schedule notifications based on geo-location
  • Know which is the best time of the day to send push notifications
  • Tailor-design the notifications based on users’ interests
  • Track how your notifications are fairing using statistics
Grow your opt-in percentage with adequate

Push notifications are used by a good number of marketers; but do you think all of them score equally better? Those brands or startups that craft very useful, simple and effective message only manage to get installed and subsequently they send the push notifications to users. So, to pitch targeted audience adequately ; you should pitch well-drafted messages.

Schedule notifications based on geo-location

Target audiences based info count! If you research adequately about the location of audiences, and then send useful content based about the location and geography and their preferences, more opt ins can be expected. If you are selling pizza in London, would it make any sense to send push notifications to people located in USA?

Know Which is the Best Time of The Day to Send Push Notifications

It is not very useful to send push notifications anytime of the day. Instead and rather, it is very important to send specialized info at strategic time. You cannot expect office goers to like and click your notification about happy hours during weekdays. However, if you send them the notification during Friday evening; should we need to say it will perhaps generate better user engagement?

Tailor-Design the Notifications Based on Users’ Interests

As we mentioned; it is very crucial that you tailor design your notification based on your users interests. The specific topics that interest your users need to be defined. The better your messages are drafted and unique your ideas are presented; better is the scope for you to connect and collaborate with your audiences.

Track How Your Notifications are Fairing Using Statistics

When it comes to gaining the most out of the statistics; you need to be defined about what your goals are and how do you want to score. The specific statistics need to be evaluated in order to find out which type of push notifications are doing well and which types need more editing.

Bonus Tips and Summary of the Article

  • Offer high value content that solves users’ issues
  • Push notifications that interest your users
  • Communicate intimate form of communication

How mobile push notification services are effective in actual

How mobile push notification services are effective in actual
Push notifications are one of the wondrously fast growing modes of mobile marketing that are largely used by all types and sizes of ecommerce companies to get engaged with the targeted users and promote their services and products very well. Mobile push notifications work on Smartphone exclusively. According to a recent study conducted by professionals, mobile push notifications are able to create up to three times more engagement with the applications. Admittedly, two key reasons for the same are as follows:

It is quite common these days for the mass to carry their Smartphones on them all the time
Push notifications are received on the appeal of the publisher; not the user. This prompts individuals to check their mobile devices when they receive one.

Push Notifications augment the engagement and retention – Push notifications give rise to 26% higher mobile app open rates and 92% higher retention rates.

We at Bulk Push conducted a research to resolve how push notifications are effective to impinge on retention rate and app engagement. They determined to compare the statistics of users who opted-in against those who did not for 6-month duration.

Our follow-up research conducted again after 6 months for the users after they had downloaded the app led us to jump to the conclusion that more than 40% of users who received push notifications on their mobile devices were still using the app. On the other hand, the individual who did not opt in for receiving push notifications were only 20% and still using the app.

Push notifications are better than email – According to a research made by us at Bulk Push, the open rates for push notifications range from 20% to 60%, while the interaction rates run as high as 40%. In similarity, the average open rate for email is 20%, and the standard click-through rate is merely 6%.

This directs to the fact that, in general, push notifications are 2 times more effective than email campaigns.

Push notifications lead to enhanced sales – 50% of the people that readily give their consent to receive push notifications do it with the view to gaining access to astonishing offers. In plain words, these individual cross their fingers to purchase from you.

This signifies that you have maximum improved odds to convert if you use your analytics and segment your messages.

Six exceptional mobile marketing strategies to keep your targeted users engaged with your app

A mass of businesses is fast developing mobile apps with the view to reaching out to its targeted Smartphone users. And do you know that there is a cutthroat competition between the apps with the intention to encourage more and more users to install and make use of the app? Mobile marketing is the most effective way today to enable you to promote your app to the right group of users successfully.

And if you want to engage your users via Mobile Push Notification Services , listed below are seven tips to keep users engaged.

1. Learn who your Audiences are– As far as your knowledge about your targeted users is concerned, you most probably only know that they like your app simply because they downloaded it. However, that is not a plausible reason to keep a track of their behavior to turn up a pattern. Let us take an example about a user who is searching for new songs of a singer; he/she will love to receive push notifications about the latest book releases and bestsellers on his/her mobile device.

2. Content – You can keep your users engaged with the app by sending them new, exciting and pertinent content. You can send them blogs, links to videos downloads and more. If your content is engaging, certainly the users will be engaged with the app.

3. Timeliness – It really matters to send push notifications to a user at a suitable time. Push notifications about weekend getaways will not turn up a mass of targeted audiences on Mondays; the best way is to send the notifications on Wednesday or Thursday before a long weekend. A push notification sent timely can create a huge difference to your users’ experience and the success rate of the app.

4. Segment Users – Marketers should competently partition the users and sort out notifications sent to them in a specific order. For example, a Push Notification Services about special discount on kids’ accessories would not be live up to the mark in catering to the interests and needs of grown-up students. Likewise, a notification sent to men about a newly launched women’s salon, will fell flat in gaining any traction. Partitioning users by age, sex and other statistics can be helpful in sending them pertinent and appropriate push notifications.

5. Inbox the Notifications – If a user could not receive any push notification, it should still be available to him/her in a different place. Organize an in-app message inbox that can help readers to read the message at their convenience when they get the time to follow up on your messages.

6. Metrics Matter – Gauge the level of success your mobile marketing campaign have achieved in different dimensions. For example, if you have delivered a mobile push notification related to a newly released product/service, it strongly matters to gauge the number of users — who opened the app – looked at the product – read the reviews or features – used the promo code – added the service/product to cart – bought it and which user put an end to using the product/service. Such type of thorough mobile analytics would get a hold of more insights to tune up the app marketing strategy and carry out improved campaigns.

So just put these success mobile push notifications strategies into effect to carry out a hard-hitting push notification campaign with the view to engaging your users as well as enhancing the retention for your app. If you want to know more about the strategies, we at Bulk Push will be more than happy to assist you excellently.

Key features of the mobile push notification services Bulk Push offers

BulkPush automatically converts your regular push notifications into multi-optioned and cost-effective push notifications. We utilize the state-of-the-art Software Development Kit (or SDK), which offers a novel user experience, facilitating user interaction directly from the notification, real-time A/B testing and attractive layout.

Here are the key features of our world-class mobile push notification services:

Speedy broadcast to a mass of mobile devices

Our Mobile Push Notification Server is designed to send a mass of push notifications to mobile devices of all the existing operating systems of mobile devices viz. iOS, Android, Windows etc. in the twinkling of an eye! Based on your preferences, we can customise the notifications and then send them to your targeted mass.

Friendly with all types of back ends

Our push notifications are compatible with any backend viz. Dot NET, PHP, Java, Node.js—whether it is sited on-premises or in the cloud. This facilitates you to upgrade your mobile apps and get connected to your customers.

Target your customers readily with catchy tags

Send push notifications to all your targeted audiences right away or the devices via the Notification Hubs tagging feature. Tags facilitate you to section your targeted users depending on the activity, tastes, location, or preferences; with that said, you deliver the right content to the right person at the exact time.

Localisation facilitated with templates

If your app is targeted for a range of markets, the templates’ feature offer a practical way to send location-based push notifications; this way, you are touching base with the customers in their local languages. Templates also help you to get rid of the hassle of storing the localisation settings for every customer or creating a mass of tags.