How Important Push Notifications Technology Is for the App Industry


Evert time your friend tags you on a photo, you receive a push notification. Every time, a marketer sends you a promotional text hoping to convert you from lead to customer; you receive a push notification. Every time, a new thing happens which you might be interested to learn, news sites sends you a push notification hoping you would read, open and take an action on it such as commenting or sharing the post.

Therefore, our life practically is invaded (for good) by push notifications. They are everywhere; and they will not leave you if they can reach you – whether you are trekking or swimming or simply having a stroll on a desert or flying.

Marketers already understand the need of push notifications; and hence they are trying out newer ways to connect and collaborate with their end users with this interactive medium of communication.

Adding notifications in an application yield a range of benefits; some of which necessarily include the following –

Push Notifications Can Multiply Engagement. They can easily inspire people to take an action, and thereby promoting the user interactivity within an application.

Push notifications give users ample chance to control how they want to be updated. In fact, they can even seek to transform the way they want to keep latest about anything. If they want not to be notified, they can simply change the settings.

Adding push notifications to application can help people pinpoint the customer behavior. Push notifications offer sophisticated ways to learn about the customer behaviors. With these data, you can effortlessly get a hold into the customer sentiments.

The ease of use is another factor for which marketers are increasingly using push notifications in applications. So, given the obvious benefits it can be reasonably concluded that push notifications when added properly into an application eco system can yield truly vital set of benefits for a business.

The only thing that requires careful evaluation when Choosing A Push Notification Solutions is that the service provider should have adequate range of solutions and that its push notifications should be properly devised. If you want to learn more about push notification solutions that work; please click the Website.



Top 10 Push Notification Service Providers – 2018


When it comes to choosing a push notification service provider; which are the core things that you consider important? Well, most marketers think that it is the quality of service, and connectivity, after sales service that matter. While these deciders are practically important, you should also consider that what people are talking. Reviews of users stand a very practical testimonial in today’s evolving world. You should categorically take into account the listings of Push Notification Service Providers across a host of top review sites.

Please find below top 10 push notification service providers in 2018



It supports various platforms, including WordPress, iOS, Android, Windows 8, Blackberry, Mac OS X, Amazon, Windows Phone and more. It has a functional and active support cells to help its users get help quickly. It guarantees that you will get your push notifications within the pre-set time, agreed upon during subscription and which is included in agreement. BULKPUSH Offers Indefinite Pushes for all our customers using the all-inclusive accounts.


BATCH is the marketing and transactional push notification company with a good number of loyal audiences. One of the key features is the Batch Insights tool that allows app owners to track push notification campaigns of their competitors on the platform. Batch is standalone for a range of reasons including High delivery speed API for users own dashboard integration A Search Engine to look up the app push notifications database etc to name a few.



Amazon Simple Notification Service was began in April, 2010 to facilitate mobile app developers work and help them to build more sophisticated apps. It has been a popular service provider for its range of useful solutions and its ability to send app push notifications to multiple platforms (iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Fire OS).



It is a full-blown mobile ad monetization network and it offer push notifications. It boasts of having more than 150,000 apps using it, and being ranked #2 on the Forbes list of Most Promising Companies in 2014. Other than providing the standard in-app monetization methods (banners, video ads, etc.) it offers push notifications and can trigger sign-ups anytime in app sessions.



It can manage push notification traffic going up to millions, through its scalable and future ready systems. You can use it as free for the basic account, and for the premium accounts, it has a number of additional powerful features including international language support, analytics support, Remote APIs, code review, location-based tagging support etc.



OneSignal is a relatively new platform, which began in March 2013. Besides being able to send push notifications to mobile devices, it supports all the biggest / most important platforms including iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8, Windows 8.1 (no word on Windows 10 just yet), Chrome Native and Web Push (Chrome, Safari, Firefox). It has gained a steady footprint for its range of benefits and effective usability



It provides mobile push messaging and location-based messaging services that enable brands to strengthen relationships with their customers. It has a number of features and a variety of useful usages. The features such as rich application pages for marketers which help them design and send compelling content to application users and other features make it a really cool push notification service provider.

Other than these top dive, here are more entries which we have ranked based on their performance, and technical edge of perfection





How to Find Creative Push Notification Services

When it comes to engaging customers with targeted, pinpointed push notification services, which are the key things that you take into consideration? While the choice of time is important, for generating better results, you also need to be defined and articulated about your text. Creative Push Notification Services can help you generate better sales and better audience engagement. Please find below some of the core ways you can develop and design pinpointed and useful creative push notification services. In this article, you will learn –

  • What is creative push notification?
  • Benefits of creative push notification.
  • How to design creative personalized push notification?
  • What is Creative Push Notification?

    Creative push notification necessarily refers to notifications that are simple and easy to read; and written according to the standalone preferences of audiences. When you send a personalized text to your audience, it is expected to generate better sales prospects and help you develop a constantly updated fraternity of loyal audience. In simple words, notifications that come with personalized text that help your audience relate them and their preferences with your brand are creative push notifications. In push notifications, you do not write for everyone in mind rather you send targeted pinpointed message to everyone separately.

    Benefits of Creative Push Notifications

  • Creative push notifications generate better sales prospects
  • They bind audiences together and they feel at home with your brand
  • These notifications can accelerate sales prospects and channelize your
  • How to Creative Personalized Push Notification?

    When it comes to Designing Personalized Push Notification, you need to be decided about a few things. It should have useful, pinpointed text depending on individual audience preferences. For example, if it is weather application, when you send a notification to a customer living in the LA area, you can mention the name of that customer in the notification and then mention the update of the weather in the area the person lives and then recommend some funny ways for the person to enjoy the day.

    When it comes to working with creative push notification, you need to write personalized and custom text, and make a story based around the physical location of the user. You need to integrate the person’s preferences and history of purchases with your brand in order to retain the customer and make sure that the entire ecosystem works, easily and with less work.

    Benefit of A/B Testing in Push Notification

    Push notification

    Push notifications are increasingly gaining wide spread attention for a number of standalone reasons. They can gauge actual audience interest and sentiments, connect and collaborate with audiences in real-time, channelize entire strategy of a brand and most importantly reach out to targeted set of customers holistically! In other words, a specifically defined push notification can help a business shine to new heights holistically!

    A/B Testing

    A good number of case studies have shown the Positive Aspects Of A/B Testing. They have found that if an A/B testing is carried out properly, it can help a business gain a number of yields, including educed bounce rates, increased conversion rate, higher conversion value and most importantly it can generate high sales.

    Push notification and A/B testing

    What audience like and what they do not is a tough process of analysis. While A/B testing offers you adequate set of specialized data about the trend of time, integrating the results into push notification is a task of clever marketing strategy. We will cover how to integrate A/B test results into push notification later in this article. Meanwhile; let us understand the key Benefits Of A/B Testing In Push Notification

    Improved content

    The Process Of A/B Test Leads To Improved Set Of Content. As you develop variables to be tested, you can have a potential list of content enhancements. The results can be outstanding data bank – which you can always use across content channels to bring out the best out of notification engagement

    Data over options means profitable outcomes

    A/B testing can cause companies to take decision that increases profits. Organizations who practice the test know that data is more important than options. Rather than debate, money is spent on implementation. These companies survive the challenges of an evolving marketplace. They can take decisions quickly – and can adjust their organizational strategies mid-way.

    Reduced scope for risks

    Testing customer behavior is very important before launching a decision. It eliminates the scope of taking risks and earns companies an increasing opportunity to gain long-term valuable results.

    When an A/B test is successfully done. The results can be integrated into push notification to yield a number of strategic benefits such as –

    • Your audience can spend more time on an application
    • They can sign up for more information
    • They can make more purchases
    • Audiences can generate better values
    • They can become your loyal customers


    These are just some of the most important benefits associated with A/B testing of your push notification.

    • How to use A/B testing
    • Know your audience well
    • Establish your core baseline


    Always remember the golden rule or marketing – What works for someone else might not work for you. So, always keep evolving, and use standalone ideas. Rather than using content your competitors already used, be creative and test unique set of ideas for keeping yourself trendy.

    Test one thing at a time. Diverting focus from one diverts the entire focus of marketing

    Keep testing

    Wish you luck with A/B testing!


    Benefits of Push Notification Advanced Statistics Feature


    Push notifications offer you advanced variety of useful solutions. The more pinpointed your messages are sent, and delivered to the proper set if audiences timely, better is your scope to generate high value coverage

    Read on some useful info on how ensuring useful messages for specifically defined audience in the specialized form of useful push can yield values

    Push notifications are here to stay. A lot of researches and surveys conducted to prove the authenticity and usefulness of push notifications always proved the point that it is one of the ever-evolving types of communication method, which is always gaining new grounds every day and marketers – when they spend money on this type of communication method – always get higher yield and better return on their investment.

    This article is a brief analysis on the different types of statistics that prove the different sides of the push notification industry.

    Although the rate differs from one place to the other, mobile users to a great extent opt-in for push notification

    When it comes to Opting For Push Notifications, it is a fact that a good number of – a whopping 50% users opt for push notifications and they find it useful. Because they find constant value in push notifications, it is always a great for brands to shift their digital interests to push notifications thereby improving and exceeding their brand value and reaching out to a great number of targeted, pinpointed audiences.


    Push notifications boost application engagement by 88%

    When used and managed properly; Push Notifications Are A Great Way To Engage Users on your application constantly. Relevancy matters when it comes to deciding the usefulness of push notifications. The more pinpointed and strategic your branding is, better is your entire scope to connect and collaborate with your audiences. If your push notification is sent on time, it can generate higher audience value.

    65% of users return to an app within 30 days when push is enabled

    On an average, 65 percent of users returned to an app within a span of thirty days after downloading and using an app, if they have enabled its push notification. This means if you have a valid marketing message, and if you have inspired your audiences to download and install an application, you can expect them to use it and thus market your message.


    Statistics on in-app messages even make the entire statistics more attractive :

    • It improves app launches by 27%
    • In-app messages boost app engagement by 3x
    • In-app messages triggered from an in-app event increases and improves conversion by 4x

    Most statistics conducted to pinpoint the usefulness of push notifications state that personalized leads to improved range of beneficial conversation.

    So, when you develop a state of the art push notification solutions, and Maintain And Manage Your Push Notification, you can expect a proper set of high value yields. The most important factors that constitute the effectiveness of a good push notification service is its timely sending of messages.


    10 Best Push Notification Practices for Ecommerce Marketers

    10 Best Push Notification Practices for Ecommerce Marketers

    There are a number of best practices available for e commerce marketers when it comes to Offering Push Notification Services. This article covers a few of them, please read on, and if you are an e-commerce marketer please let us know of your thoughts in the comment section below.

    Most e commerce marketers often undervalue their entire campaign. They spend a good amount of money researching their audience, thinking which services would suit their standalone preferences, and how the entire process would be designed. But factually; it does not work this way.

    In order to connect with your audiences and reward their connection with you, please leverage on the push notifications properly.

    • Send pinpointed messages
    • Avoid generic pushes
    • Research the accurate number of audiences and then develop a strategy
    • Customize the content of the message
    • Asking for permission is crucially important
    • Edit, experiment with your messages
    • Measure the results
    • Maintain secrecy
    • Keep them in the know of latest arrivals and stock
    • Maintain secrecy

    Send pinpointed messages

    Sending pinpointed messages refers to sending targeted, geo-specific messages timely; according to the standalone requirements of audiences. The more details and accurate you send them messages which they read and then act on, better is the chance for your entire e commerce campaign to act and perform well. The content of the message needs to be designed according to the relevancy of the time.

    Avoid generic pushes

    This means Sending Push Messages which are not targeted well, and sending in bulk e commerce messages which are not researched well. This type of messages usually do not do well, and they quite often fail to offer meaning.

    Research the actual number of audiences and then develop a strategy

    Research the number of audiences whom you send the messages. Before developing a strategy, you need to be defined about what you need and then develop a standalone identity so that it can effectively measure its results and then you can channelize your entire work system

    Customize the content of the message

    When it comes to sending targeted messages to your audiences who are your e commerce customers, be defined about the message. Customize the message according to the buying preference of the customer, his purchasing decision

    Asking for permission is crucially important

    It is very important to ask for the permission of your audience before sending them any messages. If your audiences are not ready to receive any messages; they are not going to read the messages that you sent.

    Edit, experiment with your messages

    Experiment with your messages; make sure that they read what you send. Research, which type of messages gets read, and who read your messages. Ensure which type of messages you send, and then according to the context of messaging; do the A/V test and the change

    Measure the results

    Measuring results refers to seeing and researching how is your entire campaign fairing. The entire process of measuring results is a lot of work, just understanding the pinpointed ideas and making sure how the entire stuff works does the difference.

    Maintain secrecy

    Do not spam audience. Maintain secrecy and do not necessarily

    maintain and mention irrelevant and over the result messages. Always feel them confident that you keep their information confidential.

    Keep them in the know of latest arrivals and stock

    Letting your customers know of the latest arrivals is a great way to keep them in idea of what’s is your stock and therefore keeping them in the latest loop, and informing them that you value!


    How to use Beacons or Geofencing to Attract and Retain Customers

    How to use Beacons or Geofencing to Attract and Retain Customers

    Technology is evolving at a faster rate than expected. Earlier, what used to be a tough task is now made simply uncomplicated with the help of state of the art technology. In today’s article, we will talk about two location-specific technologies; which are doing the rounds in the technology domain. We will talk about geo fencing vs. Beacon, and we will pinpoint each of their benefits with special reference to their uses. Read on, and should you have any query; please contribute your ideas with specialized comments!

    First, let us understand what is geo fencing

    If geo targeting allows marketers to become more granular and add or delete specific users in the area, geo fencing on the other hand is a bit more pinpointed and captures almost all of users who move into a certain area. The actual purpose of developing geo fencing is to target communications in a given zone, in a more precise and empowered manner. For example – retail operators who want to attract the specialized attention of shoppers as they pass by their stores, can use geo fencing

    How geo fencing works?

    It mostly uses GPS technology to cordon off a specialized area into a practically defined virtual fence. When a device it can detect moves in or out of that fence; triggers are sent and users get notifications.

    Geo fencing at work with example

    If you have attended an art concert from a brand, and while attending the event; if you received any notifications from them asking you to shop from their stores, it is perhaps because they have used geo fencing.

    what is beacon

    A beacon, when it comes to the context of the location based technology, refers to a small hardware device which enables data transmission to mobile devices with a specific range of the device. For most of such applications, the recipients must have their Bluetooth device turned on, should have installed any other specifics and they should allow receiving transmissions.

    How beacons work

    Bluetooth technology is cheaper than GPS, and beacons work with the help of the technology. However; the downside of the technology is that many people do not actually keep their device turned on while moving around.

    Beacons at work

    To start getting to understand beacons, you might need to install apps, accept the request for receiving location specific and Location Based Services, and turn on the Bluetooth on your device

    Beacons can pinpoint better accuracy about the exact location, geo fencing can be more easy to incorporate and integrate, beacons heavily rely on Bluetooth technology, while geo fencing work with GPS.

    In simple words, which technology is better for your business actually depend on a number of factors. Which technology do you need specifically depend on the nature of service that you want to promote. Should you want to learn more about technologies to communicate and collaborate better with your targeted audience; please click the website now!